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"While Raven Queen doesn’t embrace her storybook destiny, she is still her mother’s daughter when it comes to her wicked cool style. Raven rocks an iconic high collar and lux purple and black hues."

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I signed up for the EAH texts, and just got this picture of the Raven doll texted to me. With a note saying that each day this week, there will be another reveal of more Royals and Rebels. Squeeee!!

How do i sign up for the texts?

If it still works - text "story" to 919-19

Her Eyes are amazing!! *-*

I cant wait to see Maddie, hopefully they will reveal her next (most likely not)

She is absolutely stunning! I can't wait to see the next doll :D

I am in love!

Their doing Apple White next, says so on their facebook. She is being revealed tomorrow

Well they didn't name Apple directly, but its 99.999999999% her based on the clue "This is just the beginning…Raven is the first in a long line of teenage fairytales to be revealed. The Forever After Reveal continues tomorrow with a sneak peek at the fairest one in Ever After’s halls."

Anyways, Raven looks really good, much better than the half picture of her and the box that has been floating around.

That's Howleen's body mold! I'm pretty sure.

The face up on her is really nice.

As much as I love her I can't get over the it big? Or am I seeing things? I mean big is okay but....that looks it just me?

Haha no, it's not just you :) It looks really big to me aswell.

I hope it just looks big due to the lighting and the placement of her collar, because if I compare the width of her face to her shoulders, and then do the same with an MH doll like abbey, they are similar.

MH allready has big heads compared to other doll brands (and for them it works), but if the heads on EAH are even bigger I'm not sure if I would really like that. When Apple is revealed, perhaps we'll be able to see it, since she doesn't have a collar. I also can't wait to find out if they share the headmold, or if they are unique like MH.

VaughanH7 said:

As much as I love her I can't get over the it big? Or am I seeing things? I mean big is okay but....that looks it just me?

Yeah you're right, she does look like her!

Spectra said:

Oh! She's beautiful!

She reminds of Amy Lee, the lead singer from rock band "Evanescence", lol! ;-)


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