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I was wondering if any of you people on here would take some pictures of your dolls next to each other to compare skintones? Yesterday I started wondering if any of the dolls share their skin colours with each other. I figured it would be useful to know with the CAM parts and all.
Tried doing internet searches, but it's very difficult when the light, quality and colours are different in each picture! 

So if any of you have (a lot?) of dolls, photos of your girls' colours would be appreciated! 

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i can make some general statements from memory:

  • CaM vampire is lighter pink than CaM dragon.
  • (but how do they compare to Draculaura?  can't remember)
  • Clawdeen and Clawd are darker tan than Cleo and Nefera
  • 3-eyed Ghoul is not the same blue as Abby:  3e is more turquoisey and A's skin is more light blue, with maybe sparkles?
  • Werewolf CaM is a slightly sparkly grey but is very similar to Ghoulia, if you aren't picky.
  • B/W Frankies (ComicCon and SS) seem the same color grey like Ghoulias.
  • WereCat twins are a very darker grey than Werewolf CaM or Ghoulia or b/w Frankies.

CAM Vamp is lighter just barely than Draculaura :)

I could do this. I own pretty much all the dolls. Which particular comparrison shots would you like?

I was wondering the same thing myself!  It's so hard to find any of the dolls in the stores over here so I'm having to look online and I swear every photo shows a different color.  So thanks for this thread :)

i should add in the CaM cat... BUT i can't remember if she's the same pink as the dragon.  

the dragon is brighter/darker than the CaM vampires and draculaura.

CaM witch is brighter/darker than frankie.


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