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As posted on Monster High's facebook page with the most curdy image of Ghoulia all ready for the big even dressed up as DeadFast. XD

"Dying to get a freak peek at this year's special San Diego Comic-Con doll? I couldn't keep this locked in the coffin any longer. Check out G4's Attack of the Show tonight at 7:00 EST to see even more!"

See more info on G4's page here. So anyone watching it? I'm going to see if I can get it recorded on the DVR tonight and maybe post up a video of it here or something. Otherwise, if someone else can share it, that'd be great. :)

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I want Justice to have another special like they did with the BW Frankie. I cant' afford to go and Comic-Con is too insane and has expanded past the point that they need to move facilities.

Mine cost me about 60 dollars, which isn't bad as it was going for 200 on eBay.


And they'll have the clip on their website with  more detailed information. I kind of want something better than a Ghoulia doll dressed as a superhero. I'm hoping that's just a Comic-Con promo ad.

Triumvirate: Wun, Tou, & Thrii said:

We're going to try to watch, but I won't be recording it or anything. I'd like to see what coverage they give to the new Green Lantern toys too.

Anyway, I don't even need to see this doll to know I want it. How much did it cost to order the B&W Frankie after 2010 Comic-con and where was the best place to order from? We had no interest in the B&W Frankie, so I didn't pay attention, but I'd like to get the jump on this Deadfast Ghoulia.

Question? Where can I watch this?
And here I promised myself not to indulge myself in exclusives and all..... Comic Book fan Ghoulia... if her next playset's a video game console or a laptop, you'll basically have me as a zombie.
will they sell her at target?
No it's another Comic Con exclusive(s) and you best chance is ebay unless there's another Justice sort of thing. For these I might have to just buy one.

not a cat said:
will they sell her at target?
you can watch it on hulu if you can't catch it tonight


I got my B&W Frankie from Justice online and it was $60 only thanks to the coupon. I actually didn't want to pay THAT MUCH for a barbie doll and I was informed that the comic con exclusive went for the same price as the regular dolls.


I've heard of a few people randomly finding a hidden one in Justice stores, but since I imagine they were in limited supply, this would indeed be a rare occurrence and not something to be counted on. I think it really all depends on how well they sell at the con. If they have enough left over they could sneak them in to random Justices. At least that's what I imagine to be the reasoning behind B&W Frankie being available through Justice.

I can't wait to see it!



Your daughter got it exactly! XD I was very hesitant on purchasing it for a while as well. I was waiting and waiting for it to get cheaper on ebay, but it only got more costly. I figured it'd be better then than never and if I missed out on it and regret it.


I have a family friend (My dad's actually) who goes to Comic Con every year so I might ask him if he could pick one up for me if I give him the money in advanced. Though my boyfriend and myself are having discussions about going or not for one day just for the fun of it. He's been dying to go to ComicCon, so it could be a good excuse. XD;;;

I wish you took pictures even bad pictures would rock. Waiting for hulu I guess.

Triumvirate: Wun, Tou, & Thrii said:

Okay, I just saw her on G4's Attack of the Show, and she looked pretty cool, however, they didn't actually review her and so you couldn't really see a close up detailed view. It was just fast moving camera glimpses here and there. My daughter is nuts over her, but I don't think I'll get her for myself. Or, maybe I need to some better shots of her.

Was she similar to the photo?


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