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In all the pictures I have seen from Comic-con not one of them shows the release date for Power Ghouls Frankie and Toralei:( does anyone know when they are supposed to be out?

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I heard an employee at Target say they begin putting all their new toys out this week for their reset so I'm hoping they will show then cuz The Dance pack being found so you would think these would be too since on Target's website. I just want Toralei cuz love the long hair!

Thank you so much Miss Dami:) I defiantly have to be on the look out for them... It seems like we have had to wait such a long time for these two girls to be released... I'm hoping they will be easy to find:) Hopefully Target knows how crazy popular this are and will have plenty of them on the shelf and in the back:)

ya i just went to a target here n they had all the new dolls except the powerghouls (new ones) but alteast i got my 5 pk and heath n abbey for $29,99 each =) be nice if the power ghouls comes out while they still $13.99 ....would be nice =) with all the money im spending lol

I've read in this forum that some have found them at Argos in the UK,, I've seen a review video on youtube today .

they should be out any time. 

Sweet:) It seems like I have been waiting forever for these 2


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