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I was thinking that it would be fun for everyone to share their pet peeves and ultimate fantasies when it comes to Monster High collecting! I'll start with mine.

Pet Peeve: When people on CL, at garage sales, etc. think that their chewed on, drawn on, heavily played with, nude, and/or broken dolls are worth nearly the cost of them brand new. Not everything monster high is worth money, lol.

Ultimate fantasy: Finding a super rare doll (preferably an SDCC exclusive) NIB at a second hand store XD

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Pet Peeve: The lack of stands. I have at least three shelves of sitting dolls. They look like they're watching some kind of sporting event.

Ultimate Fantasy: To be the first to find one of those surprise sets that occasionally show up without notice (like the Werecat Fearleading pack or the Dot Dead Gorgeous three-pack), and be able to break the news here. 

Pet Peeve: Loose, non-colorful stands and not enough furniture. I have a surplus of stands because I feel like posing the dolls all standing is boring. So, some of them are sitting in the bleachers, desks, beds, Scaris cafe, and Coffin Bean. But with the Scaris and Coffin Bean, I wish they'd include more than a loveseat and a chair. Two chairs and a love seat would be great and give it a more cafe like feel. I ended up getting two Coffin Beans (One with Draculaura, the other without her) so I could have the extra furniture.

Fantasy: No such thing as exclusives. SDCC wouldn't be exclusive, no Toys R Us, Target, or Wal-Mart exclusives. Everybody could have the opportunity to have one of everything.

Pet Peeve: Parents/adults giving me a dirty look when I offer information to help them when I notice them looking for something or specifically mention they are looking for something. Eg. "She wants the dot dance Opera girl?" *looking everywhere but straight in front of her where Operetta is sitting* "Well I see this and this and this but no Opera girl" "It's this one here,' *points to Operetta, gets extremely dirty look from woman, she grabs doll and practically runs away* At some point I'm prolly going to get kicked out of my local walmart because this has happened so often I've started after every dirty look/word grinning and laughing maniacally; I know some parent is going to eventually get security on 'that crazy chick in the doll section' but at this point I don't care, they wanna be dicks about someone trying to help them then I'm not losing any sleep over freaking them the hell out. Strangely, never had this problem while at TRU...

Fantasy: Finding a long lost doll placed on the shelf that has prolly been sitting back in the back or warehouse for who knows how long eg.Holt or Ghoulia basic

Pet Peeve: Kind of a double one here.  Some characters or dolls (yes, going to mention Holt here) not getting nearly as much attention as others.  Come October, it'll be three years since Holt's release and there's no hide nor hair of another one.  Plus we've gotten two DJ booths, and no Holt.  Operetta doesn't get nearly as much attention as some of the girls, though I'd consider her one of the main females.  Howleen only has three.  Then there's the possibility of some new characters (Skelita, Jinifire, Twyla, Gigi, etc) only getting one doll when they're great designs. Gigi will probably only have the one.  Twyla, Jin, and Skelita may get more.  Some males, like Gil and Clawd, get attention but don't have basic outfits.

And just the overall lack of males.  I have only for sure seen Deuce on the shelves, basic and Scaris.  I had to order my sister's Jackson.

Fantasy: Other than a Holt I can afford, just make the males more available.  Their prices are crazy online!  And maybe rereleases of the older sets, like Dawn of the Dance.  They've shown no problem with releasing the basic core three females, so why not older sets?

Too early for ranting I think.  I answered more than one for each.  XP

Pet Peeve: That crying screaming baby doll that goes off every time I walk into the toy aisle at Wal-Mart! Makes me jump every stinkin time!

Fantasy: Finding a Skull Shores Gill forgotten on a shelf at one of the dollar stores. Yeah sure thats gonna happen......LOL.

Lmao, ditto.  I actually had one of the giggly ones jump off the shelf at me once, I think I about jumped out of my skin.

Verlow said:

Pet Peeve: That crying screaming baby doll that goes off every time I walk into the toy aisle at Wal-Mart! Makes me jump every stinkin time!

Pet peeve: People buying brand new dolls that people still can't find easily and customising them, or people giving names to their dolls without customising them (for example, naming a Basic Frankie "Crystal" without even changing her hair/clothes/nothing). Yes, I know they are THEIR dolls and obviously it's none of my business, but that doesn't mean I have to like that, right?

Fantasy: No more scalpers and no more brand new characters as SDCC Exclusives. I'm looking at you, Mattel.

Pet peeve: Getting weird looks from sales clerks and other employees when I ask if they have more MH dolls in back, or when checking out. Seriously, the looks of skepticism and/or bemusement I get from some employees is so offputting (to say the least), and can be such a downer. I've even encountered passive-aggressive hostility a couple of times.

Fantasy: The MH warehouse/plant/whatever, is in my town, and so the dolls are always readily available the moment they're released. Not because I want some kind of glory by getting them first (those people are so weird. bleh), but because then I wouldn't have to do any hunting or "internet coveting" of new dolls still weeks away from reaching my city.

Pet Peeve: Some dolls not being available where I live. Not even store exclusives, just random dolls like basic Venus and Jinafire. 

Fantasy: A Holt. Not even the ridiculously expensive basic Holt. Just Mattel making a Holt for a new theme/series.

Pet Peeve: This has been mentioned before, but the scared/weird looks I get from parents when I'm in the aisle. Especially when I find a doll. And one time a lady saw me heading for the MH aisle-she was facing it, I was approaching from behind-she practically lunged in front of me, cutting me off to grab a Skelita. I just laughed cause I had that doll already, and it had horrible hair.

Fantasy: To get all the first wave basics for retail-so far I only have Draculaura from last summer's release, and to find a SDCC Ghoulia. She is my favorite doll and at this rate I will never be able to own her.Oh and no more exclusives!!!! Turns out I can't get Catrine because the ONE  Walmart in my area doesn't ever carry her. Grumble...

They just stocked my Wal-Mart and now I deal with the same thing. They creep me out.

Verlow said:

Pet Peeve: That crying screaming baby doll that goes off every time I walk into the toy aisle at Wal-Mart! Makes me jump every stinkin time!

Fantasy: Finding a Skull Shores Gill forgotten on a shelf at one of the dollar stores. Yeah sure thats gonna happen......LOL.

Pet Peeve: SCALPERS.

Fantasy: Finding DotD Deuce on the shelf.


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