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~COLLECTABLE factory error and con bag and power ghoul for sale~

hello all, today I am selling these ghouls.

I am need money because I would like to but some wave 1 dolls loose of of ebay but I am broke.

so I am selling these, I can do without plus these are doubles :)

the comic con bag is 10$ FREE SHIPPING

power ghouls spectra vondergeist is 20$ (12.00 shipping w/ tacking via USPS)

and the cleo de nile factory error is 100$ (13.00 shipping w/ tracking via usps)

its hard for me to let these go however I must :'?/

please send a friend request and a comment below if wanting any of these jewels.


if prices are too high for you, please inbox or friend request me !:) 

we will totally work some things out :D

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What is the factory error on Cleo?

its scaris cleo de nile in 13 wishes Cleo's outfit.

so basicly: wrong doll, right clothes.
magicalmadge said:

What is the factory error on Cleo?


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