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Wydowna Spider -- Winona Ryder!!!!! Lol can you think of any more of these?

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WHaaa O.o I'm so glad they changed her

That pic of Wydowna reminded me of an episode of project runway where they were designing clothes for a "modern southern woman" and like everyone except for the one contestant from the south used plaid fabric. I was raging right along with the southern guy the whole time. He was like NOBODY WEARS PLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIIID

I always did think about that though she's not an actress I still wondered since it's just really the name after all and she is not a full parody version, kind of like the western outfit though I do kind of wish we got that look.

I wondered about Quill Talyntino too that name is very clever, I am pissed she never got a doll and probably never will.

also an obvious one here Casta Fierce - Sasha Fierce one of Beyoncé's alter egos, and she is a pop star so kind of parody yet not a direct one since her name would have been Boo-Yonce or something and would have had a more closer look to hers though some resemblance of the album are there.

Ari Haunterly the new Ghost from Welcome To Monster High special is said to be a play on Ariana Grande though not directly or completely but again she is a Pop Star.

Then we have Catty Noir who arguably is a take on Katy Perry or Nikki Minaj it's debatable I myself like to think more Nikki Minaj because of the pink hair and outfits she wears.

Done on purpose.


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