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Clothes and Accessories for sale EDITED ALL Left $1 each

EVERYTHING $1.00 + PP fees and shipping

These are second hand so please sensitive to pets or smoke do not purchase!!

Too much to price so just give you best offer please I'll try my best to accept any offers but I can decline. You can ask about the condition of any thing and also you can ask for more pics of course I can answer most questions

Everything shipped in padded envelopes

I also have skull shores gil but would like to see how much I can sell of these before I price him but if any interest in him let me know also he isn't complete

SOLD ITEMS ghoulia bag, shorts, shirt, FP shoes, drac FP shirt, Jackson shoes, Cleo lamp, an one deuces shirts, Jackson shirt and pants, red boy shorts, holts headphones, one abbey dress,

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Sorry I only had this lot for about 4 days

that's quite alright! No worries,

inlov said:

Oh I saw the spot but the ripped literally just caught it so I guess you'll be passing lol sorry about that

$12.50 shipped I left you a message on here but deleted it I couldn't sell at that price 

How much for Lagoona's dead tired pants and do you have her top?

Interested in the gray jeans (Jackson's?), DT Frankie pants and the Ghoulia FP shoes

How much shipped to 33408?

Sorry for the late reply I just figured out that most of my notifications go to my spam. I have everything except for the fashion pack shoes an no I don't have her shirt, shipping for these will be $2.75 with tracking. I can do $5 on the jeans an DT frankie pants. Lagoona DT pants $2

Oh an to ship just those lagoona pants we could try for a regular stamp 50cents but not tracking with it just a receipt showing I shipped but if not still will be $2.75 to ship anything 

Interested in the black and red blood boys tank too with the red shorts and deuces gym shoes

jools34 would $10 shipped be good that is the best I can do on those


How much would the cheapest shipping be to Barstow Ca 92311 for the following:
Lagoona DT Pants
Lagoona GNO dress and shrug
Clawdeen sister sock
Scarah's Skullette shirt
White fur vest
Jackson's pants
Deuce's Shoes

White fur vest isn't so white maybe can be cleaned but I'm not trying anyway I have everything but jacksons pants they sold about an hour ago

But your total would be $10 shipped with tracking


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