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Yeah. It sounds like they are showing up in Canada now. I have a friend in Canada so I'm hoping he will get the chance to look for the vanity. I really want it.

Tabitha said:

Read on another site that they're seeing these in TRU in Toronto.

WOW you have really good vision! I noticed them in the reflection too but didn't think anyone else would....

Rei Rei said:

cool!! i can see the cam vampire girl in the reflexion XDD

dang now i REALLY need to visit your store...and of course...i have to be broke right now lol

OMG! You have a store? Whats it called? Where is it? When is it open? Do you put these items on the shelves or  do you wait until a specific date? Lol, sorry about all the questions, got a little over excited for a second though

Hello guys & ghouls,

To answer some of your questions yes I own a Toy Store, it's called Funky Monkey Toys and it's in Florence, OR. I do stock Monster High dolls as well as hundreds of other toys and games. As far as the new items from MH I only received very small quantities and of coarse being the HUGE Monster High collector that I am I do take what
want for my own collection first and then put the left over on the shelves.

As far as the newest items like the Create-A-Monster and Cleo's Vanity I did put a few on eBay to at high Buy It now prices not to rip anyone off please understand, but just to recoup my cost to buy more case packs and to be able to not only justify my MH collection but to also to be able to afford more pruduct for my customers

I hope this has made sense? I choose not to mix my business with this site as I am here as a MH collector and not a retailer (I just happen to be one) I would hate to have people assume I am a "scalper" as I take great joy and care of every MH doll and accessory that I purchase wether it is for myself, friends or my store.

cheers, Jeremy Austen

Im curious to know... Where do you buy the cases from Mattel and Do you have to be licensed with them or something like that to receive cases?

Hello Violet Fox,

Well I have a business license and a am a retail wholesale account with Mattel and many other big (And small) toy companies. Like many other companies Mattel has a minimum order amount so it's not like I can just order whatever I want whenever I want and as we all know I don't get to choose what dolls I order, it's left up to who ever is in that case pack. Also as Mattel is one of the largest toy companies in the world and I am a very small local toy shop it is sometimes difficult to get info on new releases before the "Big Guys"

I was shocked for instance that my Create-A-Monster Starter packs and Cloe's Vanity were delivered this week, as I was one of what looks like the very first stores on the west coast to get them. I just got a email stating the single Create-A-Monster packs are on the way! YAY

hope this answers your questions?

cheers, Jeremy Austen

Violet Fox said:

Im curious to know... Where do you buy the cases from Mattel and Do you have to be licensed with them or something like that to receive cases?

Clawsome Pictures !

Ok I found two on amzaon that was a decent price and since I got a amazon card I couldnt say no. So I pick them up! I hope they come in before Tues because I be gone for week! If no one has more pics by then I take some pics when they get home!

I saw the vanity at my TRU (Canada) yesterday selling for $49.99. I was back in there today for a different reason and noticed the vanity is gone.


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