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Not sure if these were posted before~

 photo tumblr_mklecm5pgU1r7on86o1_400_zpsb4db74be.jpg

 photo tumblr_mkldwuTvTD1r7on86o1_400_zps935a2903.jpg



I am in love with the dolls and clothes but disappointed with the shoes.

For a set specially created for shoes, I don't get why they can't sculpt us new ones instead of just recasting them in other colours.


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Thank you so much. :-)

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so luvin the cleo!

these are still gorgeous to me. =) Love them.

I agree with you about the repeated shoe sculpts. I may just have to pick up that Cleo when she comes out, but the Draculaura seems a lot different than usual.  She looks a lot more like a traditional normie, and isn't that exciting. So no Draculaura for me, though her bag is cute.

I really love both, and I do not see the big deal , they are using the molds of shoes that came with multipack dolls as Skull Shores/ Dot Dead Gorgeous with differents colors, i do not think they going to produce new stuff in all lines, just the main lines, I see it Ok.Love cleo's hair, it is nice for those who did not buy Dawn of the dance or skull shores 5-pack and yeah Ghouls Rule , short hair, and stuff but with a hangout at the mall with Draculaura outfit hahaha xD I think is great. And Draculaura Isn't She gore-geous? she is not the Gothic/Lolita as always and as we love her , this time is a lot different and that's why I want her much more. Las dos son preciosas ! I would like to buy this two girls, they look amazing. (:

For me those shoes are nice and just fit well with those gorgeous dolls. Nice outfit too.


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