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Gilda *so* reminds me of Jinafire.

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You are correct! Even though Slo-Mo has another doll, that one is so scarce it's ALMOST as if it never came into existence LOL (Think Skull Shores Gil!) This one is obviously the more desirable one when compared to the budget one since he has pants which has as well become a scarcity among the Man-ster dolls of MH. (I also love his foam finger; it would look all couply and coordinated next to Ghoul Spirit/Fear Leading Ghoulia :)

Midori Fae said:

Agreed!  My favorites are Lagoona, Gilda, and Scarah, but all 5 of these look good!

Unless there's going to be a "We Are Monster High" release that Mattel hasn't made known yet, am I right to assume that this would be the first 5-pack with all-new dolls?

GoodDollHunting said:

Best 5 pack ever!

They all look pretty good, it's nice to have a clearer picture!

Like A Binturong, I expected Gilda to be yellow instead of gold, haha. She appears to be very shiny, though, like too much shine- I hope that's just the picture. She seems cool, though.

oo I wasn't expecting her to be shiny but that makes sense if she's "golden".

Ok so Slo Mo, yessss. Love that he has pants, appears to have less "i've been electrocuted" hair.

Lagoona has straight hair which is interesting. And blue lips. In fact her lips look kinda "nude". Her outfit is VERY basic though. We have a return of the seahorse necklace but in blue and i'm not convinced purple shoes make any sense with the rest of her outfit. Why aren't they blue? They aren't even interesting shoes, which is a bummer. She'll need to get changed into some of her usual fantastic shell/sea creature shoes stat.

Cleo, nice to see her with short hair but that dress is boring as hell. It looks like a combination between her Scaris dress and the pattern of that gold jumpsuit from one of her fashion packs. And red as a contrast tone? Interesting. She's never had red before.

Gilda's skin washes her out with the flash which is a shame. I'm hoping she's adorable. Love her horns, her hair, her outfit. Wasn't as I said, expecting her to actually be shiny.
But I like, and I simply must have her.

Scarah looks her usual self. I like her with dark green lips but the pink shoes are again a strange choice. She's wearing all green, why is she wearing pink shoes? If you're gonna wear coloured shoes you're meant to have some accessories that tie that into the rest of the outfit, or else it looks silly.

Overall though, Gilda and Slo Mo yes please. The others are waaaay too basic but i'm hoping that means a lowered price point for this set. I'm keen to see closer images, particularly of Cleo's face as I do love when they give her short hair.

Does it bother anyone else that slo mo is wearing that foam hand on the wrong hand? lol.

Scarah is downright gorgeous and I personally love the ponytail. Also, the soft pink and hard green color scheme works on her.

Lagoona is a bit Plain Jane but in the end, she is sweet as always. I just hope her hair doesn't turn out nasty (I had that problem with her Picture Day doll. Also, are her shoes  a re-coloring of Coffin Bean Clawdeen's?)

Cleo. Cleo, Cleo, Cleo. Once again with short hair but this time it works (Dawn of the Dance, Skull Shores, Ghouls Rule, I <3 Shoes, and now this.) The highlight color is a turn-off but how it's styled with quality is what draws me to her. I love her shoe mold and the brilliant shade of red. Sadly though, she is the weakest link here due to lack of propage and is overall the plainest MH doll I've ever seen LOL. (I'm just noticing the necklace from her I <3 Shoes is present but it really does nothing at all for her.)

Finally, we have Gilda. I am going to be honest, it feels like all the dolls in this pack were toned down just because she was going to make her debut and wanted to execute it with a bang. Her hair reminds me of Heath (Excuse me while I LMAO) and her horns are a beautiful addition. I love how she is another character to add to the 'First Edition MH Ghouls in Pants' clique (that consists of Toralei, Operetta, Ghoulia and debatably Cleo.) Her boots are original and I love the jacket. She is gorgeous!

Overall, this 5 Pack is interesting and I LOVE that they didn't even try to weasel Ghoul Spirit Spectra, Venus or Frankie like Lagoona, Robecca and Operetta were in the Dance Class 5 Pack (Well Lagoona made sense since Gil was in it but in hindsight that didn't make sense since he wasn't even in the episode. They should have given us INVISIBILLY instead and thrown Howleen in it since her 13 Wishes wasn't out yet and the Cheese Puff/Basic Edition was somewhat out of reach with it being a rather expensive at the moment Target Exclusive and all. I was elated with Rochelle being in it and it made sense with Operetta being in it as the main conflict was instigated by her. Robecca I really don't know how I felt about her being in it but I'm somewhere along the lines of my reasoning with Howleen; the basic being somewhat out of reach and it only being her second doll.) My final opinion is this pack is somewhat plain but it's justified and it's not exactly perfection but it's not bad in the slightest.  (BTW I re-read my post and could be wrong about the 13 Wishes Howleen statement; However, I've noted a ratio. Twyla and Lagoona (especially Twyla) were indispensable while Howleen and Gigi were more elusive. Geez, for a ghoul who likes being in the shadows, she sure as hell was everywhere but in them.)

i'm pretty sure she isn't gonna be "shiny" gold
these are prototypes which are always much better executed
Jinafire is gold but never this shiny - not in stores versions Larger image. Cleo's hair isn't brown, it has red tinsel in it!??? Wow.. that's really unexpected.

Scarah's dress has screaming mouths on it lol, cute. Very kinda pop art.

I def prefer red on Cleo to the inexplicable purple. Purple isn't a colour associated with Egypt at all, while Red you can argue. Oh course I prefer her in blue and gold because those will always be the more "egypt" colours for me, but it's interesting to see such a departure from her usual colours here.

I think with a bit of tweaking of her outfit, she could look stunning. She needs something more to make her look less super budget.

Much as I hate tinsel, i'm hoping the red tinsel is less finicky than the gold that likes to unravel bletch.

Scarah's pink makeup is beautiful and yes, I agree, love the screaming print. It's very pop art and at last a banshee specific pattern for her! It's taken so long. That dress paired with some knee high boots and a little jacket? Heck yes. Take her I heart fashion doll and this doll and do some mixing and matching, I think you could come up with something wonderful.

Lagoona is really really dull to me. I dunno, her seahorse necklace maybe should have been purple to tie dress, necklace and shoes together? The shoes feel really random despite the tiny bit of purple in her dress and they're a massively overused mould. Lagoona has loads of awesome shoes, she should be rocking some here. But thankfully I have a large supply of shoes so should be able to find something for her.

That said, the doll itself does nothing for me. Straight hair for a character who should have waves.. AGAIN (it's like whitewashing only like.. straight washing? I dunno, it bugs me ok? It's a pet peeve of mine when characters known for their curls end up with straight hair. I think it stems from this media attitude that "straight hair = hot, curls = plain jane. Ever noticed in movies the makeover scene always required the curly haired girl to have her hair straightened?)

Nude lips are nice, but she looks to have the faceup i'm not so fond of for Lagoona with the rea;lly round looking face and smaller lips. I dunno she looks really baby faced here and rather plain.

her dress has a cool print though. Couple that with a few other bits and it could look awesome.

Can anyone work out the logos on Slo Mo's shirt? My brain keeps telling me they're treadmills lol.

I'll be getting this simply because there's a 3/2 like/dislike ratio.  Gilda might look better in person, but this picture makes her face look horrifically plasticy.

Gilda also looks to have very few lashes which I find odd. And no obvious brows or very faint ones. I think that's kinda messing with her look a bit. I'm hoping she looks better in person.

I totally agree, I love both Cleo and Scarah. From this pic this may be my new favorite Cleo (sorry Scaris Cleo).

My only problem with any of these doll is sadly Gilda, is it just me or does she not have eyebrows?!?! Im hoping theyre just light pink. I know her horns sort of work as her eyebrows in her artwork but sadly it just doesnt translate well into doll form for me. Oh well, easy enough fix

Triumvirate said:

Wow! Thanks for the better picture!

I love this Cleo so much even though it's like the simplest most budget-y Cleo ever. The short hair with red tinsel, the soft make-up, the red accessories, the return to more straightforward sandy golden mummy wraps after a lot of time in the land of jewel me it all works and is pretty fresh.

For Scarah this is my favorite face-up she's ever had. Pretty colors. And the pop art screaming banshee dress is genius. About time she finally got an article of clothing that in some way acknowledged that she's a banshee. I can forgive that she doesn't look like an actual banshee, and I love her mod style, but then the fact that her Banshee nature is never addressed in her clothing I think is something they need to work on.

My brain's telling me they're air conditioners XD But in all honesty, I can't tell what it is.

purple_monkfish said:

Can anyone work out the logos on Slo Mo's shirt? My brain keeps telling me they're treadmills lol.


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