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Clawdeen and Howleen on - Updated with bigger photo.

So they tease us with a small photo of the ghouls but it looks like Howleen is shorter so I think that is neat! ^^

This teaser was on the girls toys page.|X3Y1&intc=359247|null

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Omg!! She is sooo adorable!!! I can't wait to get them! 

Oh I can't wait to get my hands on Howleen! And of course the Clawdeen doll...Time to invent a new OC

...I can't...see anything..Far too small... 

*Nose touches the screen*

Well, at least we see that Howleen is shorter. Yes.

I'm probably in the minority, but that Clawdeen is SICKENING! Totally gorgeous <3 I'm loving the mega-high-waisted skirt (or is a dress?) with those COLORS <3 I've always loved weirder fashion, and looking at this Clawdeen, has convinced me that her style needs to be hip hop sensibility with nonconformist, nontraditional drop dead FASHION. Total Nicki Minaj moment for the gods <3

My sassy gay side just came out. Sorry about that.

did it say if it was there? i really want them!!!!!!

I LOVE that Howleen is shorter! That is so adorable. I always wished that Lala was short like she is on the webisodes...maybe from now on the dolls will match their real heights. And I have to agree: I love Clawdeen! The purple hair is so pretty and I love her outfit. I'll admit it's a little busy but I think it works!

*Let the Target stalking begin*

Sweet! So are they Target Exclusives??

Squueeeee!!!  Howleen is soo cute and Clawdeen is sooo pretty!!  Glad we finally get to see Clawdeen in a full body shot, love the purple hair.  I agree with you Jesse the high waisted dress is gorgeous, I really like that look for Clawdeen.  Maybe they will start showing up soon; I just hope my target gets them soon.

Hmm . .. Im started to have mixed feelings for that Clawdeen o n o;;

Same goes for Howleen </3

Whoo-hoo! One step closer for them to show up in the stores! I don't think this Clawdeen looks like a clown (then again, never been to the circus), but she definitely has a Nicki Minaj look to her. This pack has so many bright colors it's crazy, but I like it! Can't wait to find them at Target!

You people are nuts... Clawdeens hair looks AWESOME! I really wish they had been doing her hair super curly like that all along... of course by the time it goes through production it probably won't look that nice. LOL!


And how cute is tiny Howleen... I didn't want Nefera because she is bigger but I may be playing a hypocrite soon because I totally want this doll! She is so "Punky Brewster"... :)

I tried enlarging it... total fail.

This Clawdeen's afro(?) seems to long for my tastes... if I get her I'll either cut it shorter or style it differently. and I love how her outfit mimics Howleen's with the one sock thing.


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