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Classroom 2-packs, Weberella and Headmistress are now on the Mattel parts page

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thanks Brian,

a stupid question from my side, does it make sense to put on mattel parts page a doll that is likely sold only as SDCC exclusive? might this mean a wider release?

it would be a dream comes true...:-D

I am obviously referring to Wydowna

Interesting question and observation. It has the correct product number for the Comic Con doll, a non Comic Con Wydowna would have a different product number -- if a non Comic Con version excited. I would not expect to see a wider release of Wydowna soon just because they will not be releasing a 2nd version of Scarah Screams until the doll and fashion version for this fall. Over a year after her Comic Con doll.

so does this mean heath and abby will hit stores soon  since they are up on the parts page

So maybe we'll be able to at least get Wydowna's arms or something, lol.  Catty Noir is coming out close to the time Wydowna is, and with them both being black they may very well share the same arms/hands for replacement parts.  I'm guessing it will only be arms/hands that will be offered for her as that's all that's offered for most other dolls, and a black stand lol.  I think that these replacement parts for W definitely could be an indication that there is more of her to come, even if it won't be until next year.

@ crystal- heath and abbey have already been spotted in Canada, so we should get them soon.


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