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So I was running in walmart to pick up a prescription and thought, what the hey let's check the toys ( even though our walmart has literally had the same 20 or so dolls on the shelf for the last month)  My husband had checked yesterday and astill no new ones.


Well there they are the Scaris dolls, two Jinafires, one skelita and the Frankie Clawdeen and Rochelle.   I bought one of each one the two Jinafires ( one for my daughter one for my niece)  I was talking to the chek out girl i know pretty well there about how excited my daught is gonna be, and how blasted hard they are to find at retail price.  She called one of the stock guys up and he said they had at least two boxes stamped monster high on them to go out with tonights stock.   The girl I know siad she would go back when they pull stock and if they have anymore of the Jinafire or Skelita she will call me and try to set them behind the layaway counter for me.


So if i can get extras I will let you know, but the stock guy said all walmarts should be getting them in because they are in the ad ( and they are 19.97) so check your walmarts, i found them at mine just when i was starting to give up. ( oh and online it was showing they are unavailable at my store)

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I've been to three Walmarts in the the last two days, and only one started stocking PD.  Scaris is pretty scarce in Vegas, if I may say.

I saw Sweet 1600 mentioned above and it reminded me... all Sweet 1600 dolls are on sale 1/2 price at Fred Meyers so $12.50 each :D 

My walmart had scaris earlier this week. They had one Jinafire, one rochelle, one frankie and two clawdeens. I grabbed the only Jinafire for my wifes christmas gift. I went back two days later and the others were all gone. I went bck tonight and the only tons of the ddg, 4 ghouls rule (2 abbeys, a frankie and a clawdeen), 4 sixteen hundreds and a ton of roller mazes.

@Rachel    If they are just for you I would wait until after Christmas, they *may* be a little easier to come by a few weeks after Christmas, and I would imagine Mattel would do more production for them after the movie is out.


I had already resolved that if I didn't find them for Christmas I would just buy them fr my daughter afterwards, but I got lucky, I found Deuce at Justice a couple weeks ago( they only had one, but thought they may get more)     I have all the others except abby and draculaura, which I didn't buy becasue my daughter alrerady has a couple different ones of each.

It's hard to find anything new in stock with Christmas here where I live but I managed to get the 2 important dolls on my nieces list (Jinafire and Deuce both from Justice) before the really big rush started....the rest of her list I got as early as October to avoid the crowds lol....

I went to Walmart in temecula ca yesterday......and found some scaris 2 Rochelle 1 Frankie and 1 jinafire....No skelita

I don't much care to go to Walmart myself, but I do go when I have no other choice.

If you're just shopping for yourself now, I think that you may want to hold off until the holiday shopping madness is over.  If you haven't done so already, you may also want to sign up for alerts.  They're not foolproof, but they do help.  I got Deuce off Amazon through an alert.

Rachel Scott said:

I just visited the Walmart in Murrieta CA (which I hate going to, but after reading this thread, had to stop in! It helped that I was in the area running errands!) and they had Scaris Rochelle (2) Clawdeen (2) and Frankie (3) but no Skelita, Jinafire or any of the travel basics. :( I'm on the hunt for Jinafire and Deuce. They had tons of Dot Dead Lagoonas and the Dot Dead 3 packs. This Walmart is 24 hours, so knowing that they had some in Corona CA earlier (thanks to this thread), I may go back in the early AM (like 2-3am) to see if they've unpacked any new shipments! Maybe I'll get lucky...

This hunt is starting to wear me out. Since these are basically for me right now, should I just wait until after the holidays to look? :(

I'm at the Temecula promenade mall....justice...just got the budget scaris draculaura abbey and deuce....

FYI, Jinafire's for sale on the Mattel website.

I'm surprised.  I would have thought that she would've sold out and been removed from the website long before now. 

Zombiechick said:

FYI, Jinafire's for sale on the Mattel website.

Same.  She's been in stock all morning and afternoon so far.  I'm a little aghast, but I'm glad I finally got one.

Faye Verdante said:

I'm surprised.  I would have thought that she would've sold out and been removed from the website long before now. 

Zombiechick said:

FYI, Jinafire's for sale on the Mattel website.


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