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So I was running in walmart to pick up a prescription and thought, what the hey let's check the toys ( even though our walmart has literally had the same 20 or so dolls on the shelf for the last month)  My husband had checked yesterday and astill no new ones.


Well there they are the Scaris dolls, two Jinafires, one skelita and the Frankie Clawdeen and Rochelle.   I bought one of each one the two Jinafires ( one for my daughter one for my niece)  I was talking to the chek out girl i know pretty well there about how excited my daught is gonna be, and how blasted hard they are to find at retail price.  She called one of the stock guys up and he said they had at least two boxes stamped monster high on them to go out with tonights stock.   The girl I know siad she would go back when they pull stock and if they have anymore of the Jinafire or Skelita she will call me and try to set them behind the layaway counter for me.


So if i can get extras I will let you know, but the stock guy said all walmarts should be getting them in because they are in the ad ( and they are 19.97) so check your walmarts, i found them at mine just when i was starting to give up. ( oh and online it was showing they are unavailable at my store)

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I know that's odd it says not available at my local stores either but walked in yesterday to grab a few things

and there were a plethora of Scaris Clawdeens, one Frankie, one Skelita but no Jinafire.
And not to mention 8 PD Abbeys & Cleo & one Spectra (odd assortment to me)
OH! Check Targets too!

@ Dixie - may I ask what state you found the Scaris dolls in? I am in Northern NJ and am having so much trouble finding Jinafire for my daughter for Christmas. When I checked the Walmart website, I got the following error message. I will, however, try to look at a couple of stores in my area, as I am thinking that this would be the best way to find her.

I am in Arkansas,  My walmart website kept saying they were unavailable, occassionally I would get the same error message when chekcing to see if there were any updates on in stock availability.


Online it still says that the items are not available ( says it for all the walmarts withing a 50 mile radius) but a friend just told me earlier she picked up a Jinafire at the walmart about 30 minutes from the one I went to.


I am hoping that there will be more out in the AM, if so I will buy some to try and help others out, I would really like to have one more Jinafire for my other niece but if I cannot find it I am giving her the Little Dead Riding Hood ( Clawdeen is her fav).


Thanks for the reply and information.

I think that giving your niece the Little Dead Riding Hood instead is still a great doll, as my daughter has her too and thinks that she is so adorable.

I too found the Scaris dolls at my Walmart yesterday. The same assortment as u mentioned , I was sooo happy cuz I was missing Jinafire and finally got her. And my Walmart has been literally dry since black Friday like we've only had 1-2 dolls is all.
Now I'm waiting for them to get the picture day dolls.

I live in WA state.

I just went to my wal-mart in Nicholasville, Ky. nothing on the shelves other than the same old stuff. BUT I left out the garden center and they had 5 hugs pallets of toys. I scanned the boxes without trying to look like I was stealing something. LoL I think I saw one Mattel box. So I will be checking back sooN!

Mnay of the Walmarts just now seem to be getting Scaris this week ( probablly ahs something to do with their ad having them in it)  From what I have heard and gathered many walmarts have not gotten new stock of Monster high since black Friday and are just now starting to get them in.      Our walmart has had the picture day ones, just not a selection, I am assuming the ones they have had were left from black Friday, because like I said the last several weeks i have gone nearly everyday and they have had the same old ones, maybe a few missing but definately no new ones.


Also....if you are at a TRU check the top shelf to see if there are any stock boxes up top, if there are usually an emplyee will pull it down to let you see what's in it, they did it the other day for me, but no Jinafire or Skelitas in it that day.

Went to Walmart in Corona and they had two Skelita's one Clawdeen and one Rochelle. I got none because what I need to Jinafires.

Guys don't forget Targets... I bought my dolls from Justice when they first released them, but I've been seeing all the dolls in two of the Targets near me in Maryland,, and the service rep in Targets told me they will hold until close...
My Walmart here in Big Rapids Michigan had Jinafire last week and then today they had Frankie and Clawdeen and a TON of Picture Day Dolls. Had to be at least 4-5 cases. The Meijers down the street had the Basic Scaris dolls. So now my Scaris collection is complete (Clawdeen and Frankie are under the tree, and I have the others) until Catrine is released. =)

OMG thanks for the info caus eI just got 25 buck the other day and gonna spend it this weekend!

I went to the Walmart by work at lunchtime, and I was floored to see one Jinafire sitting front and center on the MH display.  Since I've been wanting a second Jinafire to keep boxed, I was all too happy to grab her.  She was the only Scaris doll on display; all the other MH dolls were DDG, S1600, GR Abbey, and one Robecca.


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