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I just found the Coffin Bean set at Big Lots.  I was able to pick up Toralei.  Make sure you check your Big Lots, guys!!! :D


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I checked both my big lots this week. Neither had them. I'll check my closest one today. I hope they do. I need Frankie.

Just got back from one nearby.  None here, just Music Festival, Swim Class, Scaris budget, and one lone Dead Tired wave 3 Lagoona.

I tried mine yesterday (TX), but sadly there weren't any...

All my big lots had was a crap ton of Dead Tired Robecca's, a few Music Fest Clawdeen's and lots of the newer swim line (mostly Lagoona). Le sigh. I need that Frankie.

I checked both of my Big Lots, and neither one had a single MH doll. :( I was hoping to find them, but no luck. Boo. :/

My Big Lots had the Coffin Bean dolls, Abbey, Frankie and Toralei.  I only picked up Toralei.  They were $12.00 each.

went to one today , nothing monster high or eah on the shelves just bratz and barbie galore.

Ugh no coffin bean, no picnic casket. Le sigh. I need me some Frankie!

I'm aware.  I was saying I can't find either of those releases near me.  I'm having Frankie withdrawals and need one of her asap.

AdVick89 said:

Picnic casket is only available at Toys R' Us. Its an exclusive.

Mike said:

Ugh no coffin bean, no picnic casket. Le sigh. I need me some Frankie!

I checked all 3 of my Big Lots yet again, and still no MH dolls. One of them had a few old dolls, but none of the new ones. :(

Tons of MH, including Coffin Bean, at Big Lots in SW Michigan.


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