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OK. So yesterday I was in the holiday section of King Soopers and found the MH gang (the beach dolls) for 10 dollars a piece. City Market may as well though. And at some targets I've found The dead tired dolls to be10 bucks! Great deal! At a couple of Walmarts though I've seen the same deal.

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GB dolls are usually sold at that price- they are $12 at other places sometimes, and TRU carries them for $15. And at Walmart, DT is like $9.84. Not to be rude though, just helping out. :)
gloom beach dolls are only 9.98 at walmart :P thats how mch they always are
How much are dotd? I live in nz and we only have the basics, deuce x Cleo and dotd deuce, lagoona, ghoulia, and Cleo. Unfortunately they cost $34.95. Deuce x Cleo cost about 55 or 60 dollars .
Oh, I didn't know that it was regular price.

$12 is the regular price on Gloom Beach and Dead Tired. Toys R Us does now charge $14.49 for these dolls, but they are just gouging. Walmart charging $10 for Dead Tired is like a "loss leader", whereby they minimize profits on that item to draw you to Monster High in their stores. When Gloom Beach came out Walmart, Toys R Us, Target, Amazon & Big Lots all charged $11.99-$12.99 for the dolls, same with the Dead Tired. The Day at the Maul Frankie and Draculaura don't seem to have a standard price, I've seen them for $10 at Marc's (an Ohio based discount chain) up to $20 at Kohl's.


$10 for a Dead Tired Doll is a good price, but not the "norm","average", or "standard price".

Lucky! I'd love to go to America or even Australia one day just to buy MH dolls.
Walmart is cheaper, agreed.
But think about this guys and ghouls, the dolls are int eh holiday section, day after halloween, everything goes on sale, you'd wind up paying around $5.


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