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So yeah, the chat isn't working. It's showing members as being online but no names show up and no text appears in the chat box.

I've tried firefox and chrome, this account and my "checking it's not mod related" side account but nope, can't view chat.

Is this isolated to just me or are other people having the same issue?

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I'm having issues too. I hope chat will be back on soon.

Oh my dont worry monk same with me i have both mozilla and chrome but yeah i can't chat too :(

yeah it's happening to me too, I noticed it last night, glad to know I'm not the only but I am so sad that we can't chat, I hope this gets fixed I'm bored lol. Well i'll be over here till the chatbox is fixed then.

i'm having the same problem, where nothing i write appears... It kinda stinks since i needed some dolly advice.

Specifically, my display and shelving unit. :( 

Follow my link, I can help you out.

ok if this isn't fixed by tomorrow then I'll go to the makie site.

it's working again, for now!

thank goodness!


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