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Update on August 15th, 2013:

I am excited to say that we have good news to deliver! As of yesterday, August 14th, it seems that chat has returned to normal. :D This thread will remain here, so that if another chat problem happens we can update everybody through the same thread. 

Thank you for your patience, and chat on! :D

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ORIGINAL POST:

If you are a non-chat user, I don't think you will be affected by this, but this forum post is worth reading incase the whole site goes into lag-mode.

Many of you older members may remember the chat glitch from way back when? The one that was suspending random users for 24 hours? Well, now we have a similar glitch on our hands.

If you have chatted these past two days (This was written on August 10th),then you may have realized that:

A. Chat is lagging horribly.

B. Your posts aren't coming through.

and C. The "Members Online" list goes from blank, to filled, to blank again. Constantly.

Note that this is a new chat glitch. Chat is pretty unusable now, so don't expect it to be really active until it's fixed.

We do not know when this will be fixed. Even if Stu sends in a report ticket with Ning, they could basically take however much time they wanted to, to fix it. Also, know that this may affect other parts of the site. This may cause your browser to load this website slower than usual. 

I feel like I must clarify. This does not give you an excuse to spam chat and break all the chat rules. In case you didn't know, everything in chat is kept on a permanent log which can be accessed by the site creator (Stu). If you disobey this rule constantly, you will be suspended and reported to Stu. Sorry to sound strict, but most of you know how chat can get sometimes.

I (and other forum mods) will update you through this thread only. We will give you clarification when we get word that Ning/Stu has fixed the problem, and chat will return to it's normal state. 

Thank you for reading. The header will change to "*UPDATED (Update date here)" to let you know when this thread was updated with more information concerning this topic.

If you have any further questions, feel free to Private Message me (or any other mod). We will be more than happy to help. 

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Oh. So this is the cause. Well,things happen..

The site is so silent without a chat page.... hope it's back up and running soon.

I think that Stu will get up and running very soon. :)

Yeah it is silent

purple_monkfish (AKA Clown Wig) said:

The site is so silent without a chat page.... hope it's and running soon.

Phew! I thought something was wrong with my laptop

I'm so lonely guys! I NEED chat! Man.. that's tragic ahahah. The real world is scary!

Chat is BACK!

It is? The MO page is still not showing up for me. :/

Updated with a new update from the moderators.

Updated! The chat problem is fixed. Remember, if this problem reoccurs, come back to this thread (which will probably be re-featured) to get the latest. Thank you!


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