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Me: Well, folks, you know the drill, and this is Charrie Convo!

Al: WAIT! I still haven't told you the story about the muffins! Camilla baked muffins! Someone threw the contents of the rubbish bin into the muffins! There were a baker dozen muffins! I ate one! C ate the rest. He vomited over the carpet then went to eat ovaries off trees.

Chroma: *giggles*

Al: They were apple ovaries, if you were wondering.

Me: Well, that's... a nice thought.

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Me: Oh, hush, Ari. >_> And unfluffy things like shows about monsters, demons, and serial killers. XDDD
Fel: You do love a good serial killer, don't you? -.-
Jes: Don't we all? 8D
Jason: Not really...
Jes: T.T
Me: But yeah. EAH. Not doing much for me.

Ari: *mutters* Aka Monster High, Dr. Who, and Sherlock? *normal* You missed wizards, Dear Authoress, unless you consider Harry Potter - and by extension, Jason - fluffy. And Fel, you love 'em too; wasn't a certain Spring-Heeled ancestor the inspiration for one of the most notorious serial killers of all time?

Me: Nice interests. Mine are most of those plus a few that are a little more... daredevil if you will. >:3 And I'm soooo tempted to bring Sherlock in at that science experiment comment from Airmid. "It's for science, John!" 

Dori: I'll just say simply that I know nothing about your new characters, Ms. Amacus, and thus cannot - no, refuse - to interact with them until it's established they're worthy of my time.

Me: I was thinking more along the lines of two shows called The Following and Supernatural, but that works too, Ari?
Fel: *blushes faintly silver* Uh, well, uhm...that's different...-ish...
Me: Sherlock- the only show where having heads in the fridge make you a scientist, not a murderer. XDDD
Jes: Unless you're Moriarty. Then you're a murderer. :D
Jason: I'm starting to realize Fel showing you that show was a bad idea... @_@

Me: Dori, you might have some interesting discussions with Airmid, Faustus, not so much. *pushes Faustus back out of OC test mode, uh, Charrie Convo* She's a very enlightening person.
Al: No, it's a brilliant idea! Let her go down the epic and awesome road of FANDOM! I love fandom, fandom is great. Except I don't ship. I don't understanding shipping at all.
Chroma: Fandoms are a very good idea! And shipping is lovely, Al! Shipping is the best part.
Airmid: Bring in Sherlock? Sure, I suppose. I seen a few episodes and they were amazing.
Idris: *turns off TV* and now I need to wait another year for Joffrey to d–––

Me: Al, fandom IS awesome. And shipping can be terrifying at times. @_@
Fel: This is true. If I hear someone say Frodo and Sam are gay ONE more time... -_-
Jason: I still don't quite see the point of shipping or ship names or OTPs or anything like that.
Me: Jason, hush. Trison is my OTP! D:br/>
Jes: *snickers* Congrats, dude. You've been shipped.
Jason: *facepalm*

Chroma: SHIPPING! I love shipping! Especially slash! Slash is the beeeeeest.
Me: ...
Chroma: I know you're mainly a straight shipper, Zena, but gaaaaaay. LOOK AT ALL THE FABULOUS!
Al: Chroma, you are crazy! Sam and Frodo are definitely NOT gay, and fangirls are weird and awesome at the same time. Which is weird.
Me: My Monster High OTP is Habbey and my MH OC OTP is Idrienna.
Idris: Knew it! *wishes her girlfriend was here so they could fist-bump*
Al: I've been shipped once and I felt slightly bad and awkward about it.

Me: Sorry Chroma, not into slash. And besides Sam/Frodo, I hate the JohnLock pairing with a passion as well. *to Felica* They should be paaaartners, Jawn! D: (In crime.) *coughs* Sorry, back to the program. But seriously, the relationship between Sherlock and Frodo is so much deeper when there's nothing romantic between them. D: Also, love hot/cold couples like Heath and Abbey; opposites attract! <3 Oh, and don't get me started on certain OC couples. <333333

Ari: *odd look on her face* Well, this is awkward... can we change the subject?

Me: Oh come on, Ari! Don't you want to mention yoooour OTP? *waggles eyebrow suggestively*

Ari: *blushes a soft pink* Y-You mean Fel and a certain handsome devil with special heels?

Dori: *walks casually behind her* You are such an idiot, Furey. I'll bet my father's portrait she's referring to the 'One True Pairing' of you and another young man.


Dori: How can one not learn, considering how loud Miss Kitsune and Miss Felica the Authoress were squealing about it  this morning? And correction: you and another ruffian. There is absolutely no way in Heaven or on Earth - or Hell for that matter - that a respectable gentleman would consider you as a romantic partner.

Ari: *bothered by the comment more than she shows* Hey, I'm not that awful, Dori! And if by 'respectable gentleman' you mean the guys you associate with, I'll stick with the lower class.  You guys are such sno- wait. *glances at authors* They... they were squealing about it this morning? When I wasn't there? D: Krafty, what did you say? Or DO!?

Fel: *at the mention of Ari's OTP* Hush! @_@ You said you wouldn't teeeell!
Me: *to Al* Awww, but Jalexis! D: And Ariiiiii! *bear hug* Why didn't you tell us all about him sooner?!? 8DDDDD Just...he...and you...and GAH!
Fel: And you should stop talking about my best friend like that, Dori. T_T She is amazing and I'm surprised that MORE gentleman don't "consider her as a romantic partner" because she totally deserves it! Shows that guys can be idiots, I suppose.
Jason: Hey! D:
Fel: Jason, you know it's true.
Me: *still clinging to Ari* I OTP YOU GUYS SO HARD. 8D
Jes:*casually takes out a notepad* And this is who, now?

Ari: *blushing harder* GAH! What the hell are you going on about, Dear Authoress? There is nothing to tell! And.... can't breathe. DX

Me: *chuckling* Ari, all three of the authors here know about your little- well, big - crush on the guy. 

Ari: *smiles softly* Thanks Fel... and Jason, didn't want you anyway. >.> You can't keep up with me. So no, we shouldn't be *fake drunk slur* paaaaartners, Jaso. 8D

Me: That is a disturbing thought, Ari. Jason's a nice guy, just not for you. At. All. And, er, stay away from Jason when drunk....

Ari: *nearly dies of embarrassment at Felica's declaration of OTP love* Authoress, please stop! It is not an OTP because it hasn't HAPPENED! Nor will it ever!

Me: *mimicing Ursula from the Little Mermaid* Oh, no, no, no, no, no. I can't stand it! It's too perfect! The child is in love with a manster! But not just any manster. A PRINCE! XDD

Ari: NO ONE, JES. 

Dori: Well, this is amusing. *smirks* I should get some tea and crumpets for this show.

((Okay, MAJOR ERROR in my last post. I meant to say Sherlock and JOHN. So let's pretend that horrific pairing never even came up accidentally through a typo. M'kay? Okay.))

Jason:....Wow, thanks, Ari. -_-That was nice. And I never wanted to be your *sarcastically imitates* paaaaartner *normally* anyway.
Jes: I wanna know whooo! >:D
Fel: But, Ari, it is plain as anyone can see- you're simply meant to be. <3 *dreamy sigh* Me: *starts humming Someday My Prince Will Come* Fel: *spins Ari around* Ari, whether you like it or not, this is GOING to happen! <3 Jes: So who is the dude already? T.T

Me: *flails* So I went on chat because I'm at Mum's office and then BOTH OF YOU DISCONNECT AT THE SAME TIME! What is happening with the world?

Nobert: *walks in, balancing his laptop on his arm while on Minecraft Creative Mode*

Me: I mean, just when I can talk to both of you... *flails even more*

Al: *to Author Fel* But... don't even bothering mentioning that ship name! We're not even on speaking terms anymore. *crosses arms* Stupid authors... they make me want to listen to the Les Miserables soundtrack on repeat.

Idris: If you have a crush, just say it! It'll save you later embarrassment. Although, if you want some advice, feel free to ask me, I've got a girlfriend and a published novel with a bit of romance.

Me: This is why I keep you around, Idris. 

Me: Awwwww, sorry, Zena! D:
Bea: Oh, hey, Norbert!
Me: But, Al, it was so cute! :c And the Les Mis soundtrack is wonderful. <3 ...Wait, you guys aren't speaking anymore? *turns to Jason* And you didn't TELL me? D:
Jason: *awkwardly* Uhm...yeeeeahhhh....I don't particularly wanna talk about it...
Bea: Shut it, you lot. Trying to have a conversation here?
Jes: The dude didn't even reply yet. How is this a conversation? T.T
Bea: Shut up.
Jes: *smirks* Someone's tense.


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