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Me: Well, folks, you know the drill, and this is Charrie Convo!

Al: WAIT! I still haven't told you the story about the muffins! Camilla baked muffins! Someone threw the contents of the rubbish bin into the muffins! There were a baker dozen muffins! I ate one! C ate the rest. He vomited over the carpet then went to eat ovaries off trees.

Chroma: *giggles*

Al: They were apple ovaries, if you were wondering.

Me: Well, that's... a nice thought.

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Garran: Time, schmine, it's not like it matters after almost a thousand years.

Chroma: *sniff* Let me say my requiem. Alexis was my CEO, a complete idiot who had no sense of navigation, no direction in life, and no positive attributes for all her flaws. She talked to much, and acted so cheerful that she must have only been smiling on the outside. She was pretty good on guitar, horrible on a gaming console, a legend in flower arrangement (I'm judging you, Alexis). Alexis ranted on the world's problems too much, and most of the time, her rants didn't even make the problem sound like a problem. I still don't get why she thinks bees are so important. Bees are scary. Same with butterflies. I don't like butterflies. Anyway, that's my requiem, and I hope it's super awesome, because I'm getting an internship in awesomeness, and my CEO needs an awesome requiem or else I won't finish my internship.

Al: A requiem is supposed to be a song! Like this one. *starts to hum the tune of Requiem for a Little Bird* 

Chroma: Alexis, stop talking – you're dead. My requiem is amazing and don't say any different or I'll judge you further/

Al: I refuse to shut up! Instead, I shall stand up and start composing a tune for your requiem! *stands up, finds guitar, grabs sheet music and a pencil* Oh, by the way, have you seen my guitar tuner? I think I left it by the bluebells…..

Chroma: It's supposed to be your requiem… I'm not the one who recklessly threw herself into open fire. *goes to find guitar tuner* 

Me: Tonight is the night where I will be leaving for one whole month for camp. :( I shall miss all of you, and I will also print out pictures of our OCs interacting so I can still think of you guys. *sniffs and leaves CC* And Fel, I heard all of that about Sherlock on tumblr plus some people in my class (who are going on camp with me) are SERIOUS Sherlockians. You won't believe how serious they are. By the way, I gave you guys a nice long post to read to make up for all the lost time. :)

Meanwhile, in another corner of CC

Sparkler: *pokes Willow* Ack! You're actually a weeping angel! *stands staring at Willow without blinking* 

Dinky: *pokes Sparkler* Sis, we have to go home for dinner. Uncle Jack's having dinner with us, and apparently he's bringing along a girl called Twilight.

Sparkler: *still staring at Willow* You don't mean THE Princess Twilight, do you?

Dinky: Exactly her! Also, that weeping angel's perfectly safe! I talked to her.

Sparkler: Let's go home, then Dinky, shall we?

Dinky: Okay, sis. Bye Willow! *wavewavewave*

**Sparkler and Dinky go into the TARDIS. TARDIS exuent* 

Ari: *laughing and ceases fire* Man- er, girl down! Al, you make death look epic the way you did that. XD

Me: I've yet to see Sherlock myself, and did not know it was a 15th Anniversary for anything HP as I've never seen or read that either.

Dori: *doesn't look up from coffee* Someone shoot the girl again then. *cringes* Requiems, if done with a song, are not to be done to a rock tune! Respect the dead and use classical! 

Me: As I said on DA, I shall be missing you much, Zena! Answer my question on DA please! If there's any way to semi-stay in touch, I'd love to know. Oh, and bye ponies! *waves*

Me- ZENAAAAAAA! D: Don't go! D:< *cling* Also, Sherlock. LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT THAT SHOW.
Jes- How about no?
Fel- *pats Felica's foot* There there. It'll be okay.
Jason- STOP SHOUTING! D:< Trying to shoot people here!
Bea- Well then.

Me: I'M BACK! But I don't want to be back! I want to be at camp! I miss camp! *crawls into fetal position sobbing*
Al: A classical tune? Out of all the musical periods you had to choose from, you chose classical! Everyone forgets about baroque and renaissance and even my favourite, the Romantic! *falls to knees, extends arms and looks at the sky* FREDERIC CHOPIN HOW I ADMIRE YOUR MUSIC TASTE.
Me: And sorry I couldn't stay in touch – we can only access outside information via the form of letters! D: And dA and MHD is still blocked, so I'll answer it as soon as I get to somewhere with free Wifi.

Me: ZENA! HOW?!?! *frantically looks at calendar* It hasn't been a month, has it? Again, how?!?! o.O

Ari: Krafty, school and Sherlock make time fly.

Me: That is true. Oh, the bloody amazing and awful Sherlock feels! @_@ Anyhoo, welcome back! *tight hug* I thought you had at least another week and was just about to post on DA that I miss you. So, how'd it go? I take it you enjoyed?

Ari: Did she drag you along to camp too, Al?

((Yes, I failed at writing a Dreams post in a timely manner. But I shall! ....just got to get through Monday's bloody math exam first. THE HORROR! ))

Al: I wasn't dragged to her camp, I came at my own accord! She had to drag me back home, though, since all I did was sit in the bush.
Me: She was trying to be a tree. It's around a month, more specifically 28 days. I wish I had another week though. GOSH I MISS IT SO MUCH *hugs everyone* It was awesome! I meant wonderful people and had a brilliant time! I cooked a chocolate cake on a fire, I ran up a steep tall hill with a rough terrain in 8 minutes and watched my friend get a 4cm splinter stuck in her knee!
Al: I would like to be a tree.

Ari: ...tell me you don't have Lola's baking skills. o.o But still, sounds like my kind of adventure!

Me: Ouch, the mental picture of that splinter. >< Anyhoo, read you went kayaking; what part of NZ was it? And may I just say I'm THRILLED you got your LotR muse back. <3

Ari: Me too, but I'm more curious about the 'betrayal' part. 

Me: Typical, Ari; must you latch onto the bad and not the good?

Ari: Pirate. So, uh, betrayal? Doooo share. :3

Dori: Yes, classical. Though other types are good too, just not the modern trash they call 'music'.

Fel: Oh man, you know what's good music? ELVIS!! <3 <3 <3
Jason: Didn't know you were an Elvis fan, Fel. xD
Fel: You've got nooo idea. <3
Me: ZENA! 8D *clings* YOU'RE BACK!!! You were missed! :D

Al: Hey, not all of modern comtemporary music is trash! Linkin Park's awesome, so is Owl City, and plenty of other bands! It just happens to be new instruments and new styles and new ways of expression. And how can– how can you even– it's not even possible! How can you simply say classical is the best?!?** That's such a... such an impossible idea to fathom!
Idris: I prefer baroque over the two, myself.
Al: Baroque's cool, but music still can't get as better as Romantic.
Chroma: What about Renaissance?
Me: I want Al and Dori to get into a heated argument about music tastes, simply because I love arguments between OC. I have brilliant baking skills, by the way, and Ari, if you went with me, I know you'll love it. *glomps Fel* It was in the Bay of Plenty, south from where I usually live.
Lola: *brings in a cake* Did someone say my name?
Me: Betrayal? Oh yes, it was a hilarious crumpet incident that "S" and I laugh about. Also, are any of you guys jumping on the Ever After High bandwagon? I know I am.
Airmid: And you just adapted me into a EAH OC.
Me: Hush, Airmid, you're not in this fandom.
Airmid: I'm staying, though. You can't stop me.

Me: "It begins." XD And I personally have no interest in EAH. At all. XD
Jason- Shocking. She who loves all things fairytales? XD
Me: Jason, hush. I'm going through a period of liking things that aren't all super fluffy. >:I
Jason: Whatever you say, chief.

Ari: *points innocently* And that fanfic you and Krafty stalk religiously isn't fluffy?

Me: Ari! *to Felica* What unfluffy things?

Ari: Whaaat? It's true! And may I just say utterly hysterical. XD ...not that I read it or anything. <./p>

Me: Uh-hu, right. Anyhoo, yeah, not too into EAH myself really. I'm giving it a chance though due to my utter love of fairytales since I was a baby. May make an OC as well just to practice character designing. Who knows? I want to like it, just not sure if I will. Cerise has potential though. Might get a doll or two depending on how they look as well... it's obvious I'm not too captivated by it, huh? Pity really.

Dori: *offhandedly* Something tells me if you do make new characters, they'll end up like Furey: pirates or very annoying.

Me: .... 

Me: I like Ever After High. I think it has potential, and I want to get all those cool fairy tales before someone else gets it.

Airmid: She's throwing us in here so she can "test us out". I'm not a science experiment! I'm the one doing the experiments!

Faustus: To be honest, I quite like it here. The pizza ordering system is awesome.

Me: Making EAH OCs is so much fun, though! 

Airmid: Books are fun. Death metal is fun. Dissecting things are fun. This Charrie Convo is not fun.



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