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Me: Well, folks, you know the drill, and this is Charrie Convo!

Al: WAIT! I still haven't told you the story about the muffins! Camilla baked muffins! Someone threw the contents of the rubbish bin into the muffins! There were a baker dozen muffins! I ate one! C ate the rest. He vomited over the carpet then went to eat ovaries off trees.

Chroma: *giggles*

Al: They were apple ovaries, if you were wondering.

Me: Well, that's... a nice thought.

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Me: To quote Spy Kids, 'There are no rules in this. Just win - at any cost.' *jacks some popcorn*

Ari: ARG , AL! Traitor! The deepest circles of hell are reserved for betrayers, mutiners, and NERF non-alliance formers! ((rephrased quote from PotC for Fel's benefit; wish you'd see those movies, Zena. They're awesome!))

Dori: *NERF dart plops in coffee* Hey! Keep your barbarian games away from me and my coffee!

Ari: Aw, shut up Dori! This is serious business! A fight for honor, in fact! *darts behind Jason and shoots Jes*

((She's trying to drag Jes in by saying he shot her >:3 ))

((Heh. Deepest circles of hell. See, that's funny 'cause Al's the daughter of Hades. XDDDD))
Me- This is fun. Hand me some popcorn, pwease? :3
Jason- *scoff* Barbarian?! D: These things were my childhood, man! Er- woman!
Jes- HEY, SCORCH. T_T Keep your CRUMMY darts off of me or so help me....
Bea- So help you what? *dodges flying darts*
Jes- You REALLY think I'm going to tell him what I'd do to him? -.- He knows me well enough by now that he should be relativly frightened.
Jason- Wait, but I didn't-!
Jes- Can it. T_T
Jason- *grumbles and goes back to shooting*
Fel- Is this what C3PO feels like everytime he's in the middle of a battle? ._.

Al: Deepest circle of Hell? Ha! Funny, 'cause that doesn't affect me... except there's no sunlight... and... no nature... and .... actually, that's not nice at all. DON'T SEND ME THERE ARI PLEASE I'LL JOIN YOUR ALLIANCE WITH MY PURPLE UNICORN.
Dinky: Yay more allies!
Sparkler: *goes back to fix the TARDIS and find muffins*
Me: It's funny how this whole battle started just because Ari said "shoot me now" after she found out that Jason was brilliant at video games.
Al: *shoots a dart at Chroma*
Chroma: *indifferent*

((Wow, totally wasn't purposefully connecting Al's heritage with that, but it so fits! XDD))

Dori: That explains your Neanderthal-esque manners, Mr. Scorch. Do what you will, just keep away from me and my coffee.*fixes new cup of coffee* 

Ari: *head pops out from behind a wall at Al's comment* Sa-weet! Jes, catch! *tosses her a NERF gun* I say we all gang up on Jason - whether your reason is revenge or just plain fun, let's do it!

Me: Yes, funny that. Amazing how a particular choice of words can have such an impact. *peeks under table* Probably Fel; why don't you join them? They're just plastic darts anyway. 

((IF everyone does gang up on him, I'll be sure to allow him payback on Ari one day. Heaven knows he needs it. XD))

Willow: Any spottings of muffins, my good ponies?
Agatha: Can I have a NERF gun?
Imogen: No.
Me: No. Also I'm a horrible DW fan because I haven't watched recent episodes. *falls on floor crying*

Fel- Are you sure it's safe? This looks questionable to meeeee! D:
Jason- I do not have Neanderthal-esque man-WAIT, THIS ISN'T FAIR! ARI, DON'T GIVE JES A NERF GUN, HAVE YOU GONE MENTAL?!? D:
Jes- *catches* ...*evil grin* Oh, I don't know, Jason, haaaaaas she? 8D *shoots a dart at Jason's forehead* >:D
Jason- *pulls off dart* Hey! No headshots! D:br/>
Jes- You heard the Author- "just win at any cost". So HAH! Oh, and Ari? While the thought of ganging up on Jason isn't bad...I can't limit myself to one target. *fires at Ari* >:D Game on!
Jason- Ari, what have you done? @_@
Me- I am loving this. 8D

Ari: I'm always mental in your book, Jason. XD Nice shot, Jes! Where'd you learn to shoot? *hits Jason same spot*

Me: They make this look so fun. 8D *facepalms at Fel's comment* Fel, the biggest danger is getting hit in the eye, and you've got glasses.

Ari: *to Jes* Yeah? *gets hit* are so on, girl. >:D *rapid fires back* "Have some candy! 8D"

Dori: *sliiiight grin* Well, well, well, isn't this interesting. Furey forms an alliance, yet gets turned on before she can do so herself?

Me: Jason may actually be saved by Jes getting involved. It keeps Ari and her at each other half the time! XD

Me: Also, Krafty, Fel, post on Dreams! D: I really want some activity on that thread.
Al: I don't have a reason! Reasons are stupid anyway! Unless you're in a debate or an argument. Then if you don't have one, you're dead. Not literally. Figuratively. Don't take everything I say literally. Llamas are cool. *battle*
Dinky: I have a reason! If we gang up on him, then we all get muffins. I like muffins. Muffins are cooler than bowties.
Sparkler: You guys are crazy. *sticks head out of TARDIS* *to Willow* Hey, you look like a Weeping Angel! Man, that's some seriously good cosplay. ((OOC: Remember, Sparkler's from a different fandom and resides in Equestria))
Idris: *takes Zena's popcorn*
Me: Hey!

((So Ari is now King Candy? Okay. XDDD))
Jason- Because you are mental. >_>
Fel- Do I not get to quote Tarzan, Krafty? D:
Jason- My forehead isn't a target, Ari! D:br/>
Jes- Course it is! *fires a dart at Jason's nose* Oi, watch it you! *pulls off a few of Ari's darts* *fires back*
Me- Zena, I will do so when I'm not doing stupid things online, like giving myself deadly Sherlock feels. Augghhhh, the deadly Sherlock feels. @_____@ Time to go be upset again. OH! And funfact, today's the 15th Anniversary of the Battle of Hogwarts!
Fel- It is?! O_O Time go go have a moment of silence. Dx ((She's so like me: caring slightly more about fictional characters than real o people xD))
Bea- You didn't know that...? :/

Garran: It is? I should get a watch. And maybe a calendar while I'm at it.
Me: And reading Chapter Three. Have you read Chapter Three? I'm kinda giddy and excited because of this really epic Macindash fanfiction I found today. And Sherlock feels? I need to watch it after I finish A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones.
Chroma: Macindash is stupid, SoarinDash is my OTP.
Me: It's not OTP discussing time! It's watching NERF gun time. *takes popcorn back*
Al: *accidentally stands in the way of Ari and Jes, gets hit, decides to be funny and fake her death*
Willow: So bowties aren't exactly cool? Hm. Interesting. *straightens her own bowtie* Also, thank you, I suppose.
Me: May 3rd, I'm late, dangit! Well, Hogwarts anniversary still..
Agatha: *whispers* still a nerd
Agatha: :'D

Bea- Garran, you idiot. You are positively horrid with time. -_- ((YAY, THE SIBLINGS ARE CONVERSING! 8D))
Me- Zena, Sherlock's like Doctor Who. Both are written by Moffat, feature beautiful English actors, make your life so much better, and crush your soul in ways that can be physically painful. Also, Chapter Three was beautiful and I loved it! 8D
Jason- Fabulous death right there, Al. You will be missed.


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