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Me: Well, folks, you know the drill, and this is Charrie Convo!

Al: WAIT! I still haven't told you the story about the muffins! Camilla baked muffins! Someone threw the contents of the rubbish bin into the muffins! There were a baker dozen muffins! I ate one! C ate the rest. He vomited over the carpet then went to eat ovaries off trees.

Chroma: *giggles*

Al: They were apple ovaries, if you were wondering.

Me: Well, that's... a nice thought.

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Me: I shall!
Willow: We do need an Amy, so..
Ellington: I'm now that dalek girl, right?
Agatha: Butt popcorn.
Imogen: Oh dear, not this again.

Astelle: Which Amy should I do? I like the one with the leather jacket and the scarf. Late fifth season, I believe? Though trying to get all of my hair into a wig might be a chore.

Gwennant: ...

Astelle: What?

Gwennant: Ah'm in between givin' ye tips on how to do thae, and bein' offended that ye think ye've got a lot o' hair.

Me: I'm offically lost. And MTW, what abkut the five questions thread?
Cheyenne: At least you're not the only one lost.
Ethan:*eats a doughnut*
Cheyenne:*glares at Ethan for not sharing*

Ari: *had been dozing* Oo, Hook! Always loved that character as a child. He was just so... wicked, yet refined in his mannerisms. Heh, he's even shown up in a dream or two before!

Dori: Despite being a barbarian and a pirate, he was pretty cultured - when he wanted to be.

Me: *Mushi impression* I LIIIIIVE! Spring break always comes at just the right time. And Ari, she was talking about Lola...

Ari: ...whoops. Hey, gotta love Hook and hooks in general!

Lola: It's a hook because when I got it Dad couldn't get a real hand for some reason so I got a hook instead and for some reasons I'm not supposed to get a proper hand I don't know why! *jumps*
Me: I missed a lot, but I caught up, and I'm apologising for my absense and my lack of interest in the MH fandom anymore. *flails*
Alexis: *is randomly roasting marshmallows over a bunsen burner for no reason*

Jason- Wha?
Fel- A Very Potter Senior Year! 8D
Jes- ....Is that that stupid series of dorky musicals you two rave about? -.-
Me- OI. It is not stupid. Nor dorky! D:br/>
Jason- Is that why you haven't been on to talk to your friends? Because you need to embrace the few you ha-
Me- Shush. Oh...and...uh...HIIIII, guys! :D

Me: Anyone else actually not like The Very Potter musicals besides me...? Only one...? Okay...

Maul: You just don't like them because everyone else likes them and insists that you watch it and that is what puts you off.

Me: ...

Me: Kara, you get her out of that psychology course at school right now. She's being too smart.

Kara: Cannot be done, sorry.

Me: I love theatre! I'm doing Shakespeare AGAIN this year and I'm Caliban from the Tempest. Yeah. :P
Al: You're drunk too. *eats marshmallows*
Me: And drunk. *sways a bit for effect* And I must catch up with the AVPs as well. But between reading the a Song of Ice and Fire series (Tyrion is the best character), and writing essays, and preparing for camp, it's pushed to the back of "things to do".
Idris: I read the books and watched the TV adaption, and I'm anxiously watching for Season 3.
Lola: *bounces up and down* This is fuuuun! Also Zeeeena?
Me: Yes?
Lola: I liked the new chapter!
Me: You're welcome.

Imogen: Wowwww.
Willow: You'd think she'd pay more attention.
Me: What? School is evil and I have so much stuff to draw and akahwksfnfkfjfl.
Willow: We've broke her, who has pizza?

Me- Wait, the new chapter is up? O.O TO THE FANFIC AT THE SPEED OF A FANGIRLING AUTHOR! 8D
Jason- Oh she gonna be like this every time there's a new chapter...?
Fel- Yes. Yes she is.

Me: I'm baaaaack.
Al: And I'm forgotten about! It's been almost a month! A whole month with you not even caring about me! Instead, there's that... rainbow coloured pony that keeps taking my spot....
Me: Deal with it, Dashie has more swag that you'll ever have. You're still in that LotR crossover that I'm writing.
Idris: I have to wait until The Two Towers until I appear. *sulk*
Me: I should write that fast. But to write things fast, I usually limit myself to 1000 words per chapter. That sucks. I was hoping to aim for 2000 words or 1500 words.
Idris: You shouldn't think about word count. I suggest you just go for it, dive head in, and ignore that MLP fanfiction where all you really want to do is ship Macintosh and Rainbow Dash together until you die from feels.
Me: How do you know all of this?

Me: ZENA! Holy cow, you're on MHD!? After forever?!?! *bear hugs*

Ari: Look who's happy. XD Hey Al, long time no see.

Me: *to fanfic statement* Don't speed. Take your time and make it an epic. I do end up rereading just for the 'feels' at times, so please make it worth it. And while Fel and I are DYING to get to certain parts, we can survive. As long as you finish it, that is. Because the end is a MUST. 

Dori: ...dear me, why even bother with 'fanfictions'? You're just taking another's brilliant idea of perfection and tweaking it. That's a crime against all literature!

Ari: Ah, shut up Dori! A good fanfic is always loved. If you think about it, technically you exist because of a form of fanfic - it's called 'roleplay'.

Dori: ... go for quality and quantity then. And for the Queen's sake, cease this asinine pony obsession!

((Juuust sayin', don't take most of Dori's words to heart. I happen to love a well-written fanfic! I'm interested in MLP too, just haven't had the time to watch the show. The fact that I've had a Ponysona in the works for a couple of months shall not be said. And Zena, what's the big occasion? Glad to have you back, but talk about a surprise!))


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