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Me: Well, folks, you know the drill, and this is Charrie Convo!

Al: WAIT! I still haven't told you the story about the muffins! Camilla baked muffins! Someone threw the contents of the rubbish bin into the muffins! There were a baker dozen muffins! I ate one! C ate the rest. He vomited over the carpet then went to eat ovaries off trees.

Chroma: *giggles*

Al: They were apple ovaries, if you were wondering.

Me: Well, that's... a nice thought.

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Helmholtz: Well, miss, here it is. *passes over pizza box*
Al: I'm going to Hogwarts as well, I think in an AU… and then there's this other AU, and I'm kinda dreaming. Another one, and I'm travelling with a bunch of friends to destroy something. I think it's rather epic.
Me: I'm drawing it, Fel! I promise to get the pic of Jes and Mr Fluffies soon.
Idris: *to Imogen* You get used to Agatha's weirdness after a while.
Chroma: Snuggle time is super important! *formally nods* Also, Seraphina, I think wrist length is better. :D I'm going to begin making my rainbow wig now.
Lola: What Neckrocon like?

Seraphina: ~checks something off on her notebook~ I see. Now, which TARDIS interior? Nine and Ten's? Or one of Eleven's? Maybe even one of the past Doctors'?

Me: Designing her dress took forever.

Seraphina: >.>

Me: Okay, so I now have a TARDIS keychain. So... What did I miss?
Cassandra: More than likely: a lot.
Kat: hey look it valentines day
Me: and I'm still forever alone
Ella: I though you enjoyed that?
Me: y e a h... I e n j o y this...

Ari: Oo, I don't feel ashamed at all! It was hysterical! XDDD And aww, I prefer the Captain Jack over whoever this impostor is. :/

Me: I did feel a tinge of pity for you that night, Jason - just a tinge. And that was buried under waves of laughter and hysterical giggles.I believe mom even caught me laughing and asked what was so funny. XD

Ari: Haha, even badass girls like you fall at some point or another. And then you'l get worse to impress him, Jes. *to Zena* AND I WANT TO SEE THE PIC OF HER AND FLUFFALUBAGUS!

Dori: *haughtily* Try whatever you'd like, Ms. Leeds, but I swear on my portrait you won't be able to inflict any lasting damage.

Me: Stuff Valentine's Day. It's my excuse to read shipfic, and it's also one less date to remember. I'm sorry, future boyfriend, but I will be forgetting your birthday and our anniversaries often. 

Chroma: *scribbling notes on a piece of paper* IF you get a boyfriend.

Me: Aw, thanks, Chroma. *slightly sarcastic* Anyway, Seraphina, I love Eleven's new TARDIS interior, so go for that! :D 

Al: Aw, but OUR Captain Jack is awesome as well! 

Clemens: Is this going to turn into a Harkness vs Sparrow debate...?

Me: Well, that's good because that's the interior I went with.

Seraphina: It was an interesting experiment to find how to print it onto a knee high skirt and tights, along with perspective. And... ~hits them with her notebook~ Both Captain Jacks are wonderful. Now get over it.

Jes- *growls* Why, I oughta-
Me- Control your temper, Jessie. And Ari, trust me, this Jack is no imposter. *O*
Jes- And Ari, you're positively insane. I don't "fall" for guys. T_T Ever.
Fel- *walks back in* I was told that Doctor Who cosplay talk was happening?

Ari: *get hit* OW! Okay, okay, maybe I'm just biased for my own kind, 'kay? And the fact that I have never seen this other guy?

Me: Felica finally showed me a picture; he is handsome! And I really like his outfit from the little I could see of it.

Dori: *small smirk* Darling, I think you're all bark and no bite.

Ari: Good morning, Fel! Where've you been all this time?

Willow: I know. *fangirl giggles*
Me: Did I forget she has a small crush on Cap Jack Harkness? Yes? No?
Agatha: And thus the needing out shall commence! *jumps out the window* CALL ME WHEN THEY'RE DONE!
Imogen: Idris, yer cousin just-
Me: She knows Imogen, she's used to it.
Imogen: Also, miss "Dori," Ah all bark an' no bite too. Ya snoot.

Jes- ...Did you. Just call me. Darling.
Me- Oh boy.
Jes- That's it, Prissy Pants, I've HAAAD it with you. T_T "All bark and no bite"? Oo, I'll show you my bite...
Me- No getting physical, Jes. u.u
Fel- You know. The usual. Organizing my bookshelf, Ari. XD ...Jes is mad. Why is Jes mad? ._.
Jason- You don't wanna know, Fel. @_@

Me: He becomes much more handsome the more you look at him. Which reminds me of an Amy Pond quote.
Al: *gets hit* My head hurts. And yes, we have an epic DW cosplay group forming right now and I think someone mentioned your name and Rose in the same sentence! Yeah. That's all I know.
Clemens: *is not hit* She has a fangirl crush on Captain Jack? :D I approve of my cosplay choice now.
Al: Uh, I thought I was the one that suggested it to you? Which strangely means we're shipping Eleven and Jack... *snickers at the thought*
Chroma: *whispers in Fel's ear* Jes is mad because Zena and Krafty were talking about Jes' boyfriend or something.
Me: I just finished drawing Chroma's RD cosplay. I'll probably hand-lineart it and colour it digitally.
Idris: *indifferent shrug to Imogen's comment*
Me: Also, is it just me, but when someone shortens Dorianna's name, I think of Dori the overprotective brother from the Hobbit?


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