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Me: Well, folks, you know the drill, and this is Charrie Convo!

Al: WAIT! I still haven't told you the story about the muffins! Camilla baked muffins! Someone threw the contents of the rubbish bin into the muffins! There were a baker dozen muffins! I ate one! C ate the rest. He vomited over the carpet then went to eat ovaries off trees.

Chroma: *giggles*

Al: They were apple ovaries, if you were wondering.

Me: Well, that's... a nice thought.

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Willow: Shhhhh, Seraphina, it's okay, you can borrow mine if you like. Legends, really? *To Cassandra* Well I suppose, we are known as the race who moves when you blink and eat time energy and zap people back in time, so..I suppose.
Imogen: As can Ah. *grin*
Agatha: Cousincousincousin *poke's Idris' head*
Me: She'll be. Doing this for a bit..

Seraphina: ~nods and writes~ A few small drawbacks of being a Weeping Angel is the entire deadlock thing, not to mention I cannot speak. Or touch people without gloves on, for that matter. ~pouts~

Me: ~gets out Necrocon sketches~ I plan on making Kara fem!Thor, because we'd all know she'd rock it and be able to get the real mjolnir.

Kara: I could pull some strings.

Me: And then Jakob could be Jack Frost, because they, completely unintentionally, have a few striking similarities. Unintentional, I swear.

Jakob: ~rolls his eyes~

Cassandra: Wait- are Weeping Angels and regular angels, such as myself, related?
Me: Probably not.
Cassandra: Shushy!

Seraphina: ~scrawls~ Doubt it. Weeping angels are some of the oldest species in the universe, and we're aliens.

Me: Well, maybe? There could be some religious context in there, like the Bad Wolf, but I'd prefer not.

Me: Religion talk is often resulting in flame wars, SO, no, probably not.
Willow: I WAS GONNA SAY THAT. D: Also, me and Al are going as Ten and Eleven, respectively, for Neckrocon.
Imogen: Ah should talk more, but eh. *Sips tea*
Me:*holds up dragon patterned duct tape* Maddy!
Cassandra: Wow. Really?
Me: Why not? I like to shut my friends up with duct tape, ya know.

Me: BAM! Come one, come all!

Seraphina: Oh, Necrocon sounds like fun! I'm not sure who I could go as.

Jakob: Do I really need to go as Jack?

Me: Yes. Ignoring the obvious similarities in names (cause Jack is one of the most common names out there), you'd be able to pull off the gymnastics without a problem.

Jakob: ...Except that I can't, you know, fly.

Me: Trivial.

Me: *Duct tapes Agatha's mouth* Now, SHUT UP YOU CRAZY FAE.
Agatha: HMPH.
Willow: Maybe you could go as Sexy/The TARDIS for Neckrocon, Seraphina?
Adriane: *pops out of nowhere*Found you guys! Finally!
Me: Can I has duct tape back?
Cassandra: Well you're nice.

Jakob: Don't encourage her!

Me: Why? It'll be fun!

Seraphina: That sounds like a good idea!

Kara: Are we ignoring me and my wonderful genderbent Thor?

Me: Yes, because he's also your uncle.

Kara: I was trying to ignore that small fact, but thanks.

Me: It will be fun!
Willow: Genderbent Thor is awesome.
Agatha: *Sitswith duct tape on mouth*
Imogen: Ah think she's ponderin' the answer to life.
Me: *duct tapes Adriane* Much better.
Cassandra: *shakes head*


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