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Me: Well, folks, you know the drill, and this is Charrie Convo!

Al: WAIT! I still haven't told you the story about the muffins! Camilla baked muffins! Someone threw the contents of the rubbish bin into the muffins! There were a baker dozen muffins! I ate one! C ate the rest. He vomited over the carpet then went to eat ovaries off trees.

Chroma: *giggles*

Al: They were apple ovaries, if you were wondering.

Me: Well, that's... a nice thought.

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Me: *hugs Krafty back* I'm not into the webisodes or doll line anymore, but I still love this fandom, no matter what!
Al: Hi, Ari.
Me: I shall! Chapter Three's a filler chapter, but there's lots of Bilbo/Sadie interactions and I'm almost done with it. Chapter Four, well, you'll have to wait a month for it since I've got camp for a whole freakin' month. I definitely want to finish the whole fanfiction, even if it takes me years.
Chroma: Fanfiction is amazing. Especially when two guys are b–
Chroma: Geez, okay. D: But fanfiction!
Me: Ponies are cool, Dori. Especially Rainbow Dash. Don't even question my love for Rainbow Dash. *whizzes off to write and stalk threads*

((I won't. I never take character's words to heart, unless I feel like it. Watch it! It's absolutely amazing, and I'll love to see that ponysona. The big occasion was when I got bored, was looking through my artwork folders, and BAM, all those MH fanarts. I got nostalgia, went back online and looked through the forum. Then I posted on some old, but still awesome RP threads.))

Me: I haven't watched an MH webisode in ages since they started to be less connected and sometimes a bit cliche. Dolls... well, it's been cut down to basics. And yes - will always love this fandom! I stick around these forums for the friends, OCs and occasional doll sightings mainly.

Ari: *dead serious* You maroon me, you'll pay; I swear on my unoccupied grave.

Me: Whether you get dragged into another fandom somehow or stay in MH, I'll never ditch you gal. And what camp is this, Zena? Fun camp or the Camp of DOOOOOM?

Dori: ...Furey, I am going to kill you for that nickname. Especially now that others are using it.

Ari: *ignores Dori* Hey Al, random question - can you beat Jason at video games?

((Does this mean Dreams revived could anchor you to the site? Must. Finish. Post! ...juuuust gotta get through this week of exams first. ^^; When do you leave for camp? And is it in country or out?))

Al: I'm not a gamer.
Me: I'll never ditch you and the Dreamers either! It's a fun camp, well, everyone says its fun. I leave Sunday (Saturday), and it's still in NZ, but out of Auckland.
Idris: *sips coffee and watches Game of Thrones in her own little corner*
Me: Also, TDLD! 'Sup? Don't forget to type in CC format.
Idris: I'm shipping Tyrion and Shae. I regret nothing.

((Dreams is awesome. Finish post now!))
Willow: She's never on here anymore. A pity, she misses her friends.
Me: Third person?
Willow: Yes third person.
Me: Anyway! Hello, I'm hopefully back! HI ZENA.
Willow: Hello dearie!
Me: I must do things, but here I am, wasting time.
Imogen: Well tha's tae bad.
Me: D:

Me: Well that shoots down mine and Fel's theory/head canon. We seriously thought she was a gamer. XD Oh, and hi Maddy and TDLD!

Ari: Hmph; if this means Jason's infinitely better than all of us at something (especially ME), shoot me now. -_-

Me: Face it, he's one-upped you and with style. And Zena, what is this camp for? That should say loads on how fun it'll be in general.

Dori: *to Idris* Not a clue on who those individuals are, but may I join you for a cup of coffee? You seem to be the sanest person here, not to mention the most cultured.

Me: Keep all the OCs that are relevant to the plotline. Drop any that you don't have the muse for. You did? *tacklehug*
Idris: I don't believe in muse.
Me: ALSO HI MUFFIN BUDDY. We must celebrate the reopening of CC with Doctor/Derpy ships.
Al: Not more MLP! D:
Me: More MLP is brilliant.
Me: Hi Zena and Krafty! Speaking of gamers, which relates with games, why are games so expensive?! D:
Willow: Muffins?! MUFFINS!
Agatha: *whispers* Hey Idris.
Imogen: Oh god.
((Sorry, missed Krafty's post and unable to edit.))

Me: Nope, not a gamer at all. She's a gardener! And a skateboarder! And a guitarist! Al doesn't game.
Al: He's better at being an idiot. And he's definitely better at looking good in a dress. *shoots Ari with a NERF gun*
Me: It's for school! It's one month living with 20 other girls in my class at school (everyone in my Year goes to the camp at different times, and we're divided into classes by these times). And everyone in my intake is brilliant, and I love learning about people, so it has to be fun.
Idris: Oh, they are characters from a book series I like, called A Song of Ice and Fire. You may have heard of the TV show, Game of Thrones. Tyrion's a short, stunted man, known as the Imp. He's the brother-in-law of the king, and he falls for a prostitute named Shae. Of course, Shae ends up being part of a plot to kill him. It's one of the few subplots in a very complicated and detailed book. There's assassination, romance, evil queens and bastard kings, everything good about fantasy thrown in together, with a few dragons to spice it up.
Me: It is a brilliant book and everyone should read it! Jon and Ygriette is my OTP forever!
Idris: Hello, Agatha.

Ari: A... gardener? BAHAHAHAHA, THAT'S HYSTERICAL! *gets hit* Ow, hey! *pulls out her own pistol*

Me: OI! Right gun, wrong situation! I mean, wrong gun, right situation? Gah, you know what I mean. D:/p>

Ari: *re-holsters pistol* Sorry, instinctive reflex; wasn't gonna hit her anyway. BUT SOMEBODY GET ME A BLOODY NERF GUN FOR REVENGE NOW! *pauses mid-NERF battlecry* And yes, he does look half decent in a dress. XD Anyway, back to the battle. *goes after Al with new-found NERF gun*

Me: Oi vey, those two... and that sounds chock-full of potential Zena, both good and bad. Will you have any internet connection at all that month? And Maddy, I have no idea; I can't play a video game to save my life, thus I have none.

Dori: *pours herself some coffee* Sounds interesting, though borderline soap opera drama.

((Well this is a serious question: who'd win this NERF battle? Ari's good due to real-life experience, but I've been told Al's extremely good as well.))

Me: Well, I don't expect everyone to play games, but the most recent games range from 50-70 dollars when released.
Agatha: Nerd!
Imogen: Agatha!
Agatha: >:
Willow: Allll, where are the muffins?
Me: I'm not a gamer myself, but I find games really expensive. I got a PS3 though, but I only use it for bluray, DVDs, and some other cool features it has. The only games I have are the free ones from the App Store that I downloaded onto my Mac.
Al: Don't laugh! I know my plants! I know which ones can kill and which ones butterflies like, and what flowers C likes to eat... It's a serious business. *loads NERF gun* And you're on! Challenge accepted! *starts battle*
Sparkler: Muffins?
Dinky: Muffins?
Me: Oi, get out of here, you two. You're not in this fandom.
Sparkler: I knew we shouldn't have taken Dad's TARDIS.
Dinky: Muffins!
Me: Nope, sadly no internet connection. D:
Idris: Call me a nerd all you want. It doesn't affect me.

((Al's good at NERF guns, and NERF guns only. I can see them being a tie, and then something interferes and they stop and eat cookies.

By the way, the comment box keeps eating up my comment to Gazzy, so could one of you post this on his page with an explanation? Thanks.

"Dammit, the page ate up my last comment, and when it does that, I'm too lazy to type my full reply out again.

Anyway, I love Draconia's art of him! His outfit really suits his personality, and she's so amazingly talented (I'm jealous). I also want his jacket. I love cool, punk looking jackets.

Do post it! I cannot wait to see the finished product.

Also, long time, no talk! How's life? How are things going? Any new fandoms?"))


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