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Me: Well, folks, you know the drill, and this is Charrie Convo!

Al: WAIT! I still haven't told you the story about the muffins! Camilla baked muffins! Someone threw the contents of the rubbish bin into the muffins! There were a baker dozen muffins! I ate one! C ate the rest. He vomited over the carpet then went to eat ovaries off trees.

Chroma: *giggles*

Al: They were apple ovaries, if you were wondering.

Me: Well, that's... a nice thought.

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Me: PS3 users YEAAAAH! *epic brohoof*
Willow: Muffins indeed! I just need to find some..
Agatha: Hehehehehe.
Imogen: *hits her head with rolled up newspaper* Yer such a little brat, Agatha.
Agatha: D: C'mon!
Me: I'd do the same tho. Also NERF guns!

((I can repost that for you; and currently I'm too tired to post here, so a CC post from me shall have to wait. And I could see the NERF battle result as either a tie, Al doing something drastic to win, or Ari being her pirate self and cheating to win somehow.))

EDIT: Posted, though it said something about him moderating comments. And thus, I regret to say this is the end. I'm going now; I bid you all a very fond goodnight.

Me: *returns epic brohoof*
Dinky: I want a muffin!
Me: Dinky, Sparkler, get out of here. You're not in this fandom.
Idris: You get used to my idiot cousin. In fact, you start to like her idioticness. She's "cool".
Al: *battle battle battle*
Me: Meanwhile, I shall sit here with my sketchbook, Dante Gabriel Rossetti's works, and a reference guide on drawing suits.
Me: But Willow obviously likes them, let them stay. Also I have come up with two Neckrocon ideas for Imogen and three for Alyss. Willow's gonna go as Eleven. Or possibly just Oswin Oswald because reasons.
Imogen: Really? Tha's idiotic tae ye? Try livin' with all of me siblings constantly rattling at ye fer a week.
Sparkler: This girl is annoying.
Me: I am not annoying, I'm just so cool you can't fathom my coolness.
Idris: *just nods and goes back to watching Game of Thrones*
Al: *Battle battle battle*
Dinky: I found the source of the muffin scent! It's a muffin dump!
Everyone: Yaaaay.

Jason- Hey, I don't wear dresses! D:< Also, I WANT IN ON THIS NERF FIGHT! * whips out two NERF pistols from nowhere*
Fel- ...*looks behind Jason* Do you just CARRY those around?
Jason- Sometimes.
Fel- ...And you accuse me of being a nerd.
Jes- You ARE a nerd. -_- HE'S a dork and a geek.
Jason- Nice. T.T ANYWAY. I have a NERF battle to go win. >:3
Bea- Eh. I could kinda see the geek part, I suppose. He's a decent gamer-
Jason- DECENT?! D:
Me- OH, by the way, Zena, when you get back AGAIN, we must have that RP with You Know Who. >:3
Bea- ....Why would you want to RP about the Dark Lord? O.o

Me: Chapter Three is up! Read it now for all your feels!
Al: *battle battle battle* But being a nerd is weird! Being a geek is cool. Being a geek lets you love some unironically.
Me: Isn't that what being a nerd makes you?
Al: No. On a side note, isn't being a geek and a dork... doesn't it cancel out each other! Stop throwing paradoxes everywhere! It's making my head hurt. >:( *shoot shoot shoot* *rolls on side*
Sparkler: Wow, this chick is seriously weird.
Idris: Says the random pony.
Dinky: Muffins! *nom*

Ari: Hi. *between NERF shots* Fel! And Jason, *battle battle* you've been in a dress *battle* before *battle* thanks to Yours Truly. And fo-JASON! NO FAIR! You've got two?!

Me:  Jes, having a love for something makes life interesting and there's nothing wrong with that. In fact, life would be downright boring if we didn't have individual interests It's just they got labeled for some strange reason.

Ari: *to Jason* Over my dead body! *gets back to back with Al* Shall we call a temporary alliance, Al? Because I'll be damned if Jason beats be with anything remotely like a pistol. *growls* And Krafty! Quick yakkin' and think me up another pistol! Or a NERF bazooka!

Me: *to other authors* Can I guys? XD

((What's better than I tie? An alliance! of Men and Elves And thus, I'll be back to my exam studies and check in periodically for new posts.))

Jason- ALL'S FAIR IN LOVE AND-.....well, let's stick to the "war" part of that phrase. AND THAT WAS AGAINST MY WILL AND NOT MY FAULT AND YOU KNOW IT! D:< *battle battle*
Fel- Duck and cover! @_@ *hides underneath the nearest table*
Jason- Hey, no fair! You don't get to side with Al! D: Al, don't side with her!
Me- Hilarious chaos. 8D
Jason- *fires with sideways guns*
Jes- Jason. Stop trying to be "gangster". You will never be gangster. T_T
Jason- Hush, Jes. -_- Let me show off my coolness for once, will ya?
Jes- Never!

((In response to the weaponry debate, why not throw in another pistol? XD))

Al: I do whatever I want! And I choose to side with this adorable unicorn filly! *picks Dinky up*
Dinky: *uses her magic to hold a Nerf Gun*
Al: *battle* *epic jumps and leaps*
Dinky: *shoots and eats a muffin at the same time*
Me: *popcorn* There are no rules in this. Rules are boring, unnecessary, and why make up rules when you can be NERF gun fighting?
Idris: ... Game of Thrones has better battle scenes.

((By the way Fel, is there any way I can contact you without using MHD? Are you on any other sites?))

((Well, I'm going to get a tumble...eventually. Other than that, I've got email and Google +. Or, at least, those are all I'm thinking of right now.))

((I got email and Google + as well, but I rarely use the latter. I don't go on Tumblr anymore as well. I also have deviantArt. I'm pretty active on the MLP fanfiction site,, though.))


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