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Me: Well, folks, you know the drill, and this is Charrie Convo!

Al: WAIT! I still haven't told you the story about the muffins! Camilla baked muffins! Someone threw the contents of the rubbish bin into the muffins! There were a baker dozen muffins! I ate one! C ate the rest. He vomited over the carpet then went to eat ovaries off trees.

Chroma: *giggles*

Al: They were apple ovaries, if you were wondering.

Me: Well, that's... a nice thought.

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Willow: Yep! Fel is hopefully being Idiot's Lantern Rose.
Me: I ship it, Al. I ship it. Both of the ships.
Agatha: And she has entered shipper mode. I'm taking cover. AND DON'T LOOK INDIFFRENTLY AT ME AND THE SELKIE, GOSH IDRIS.
Imogen: Nah, it's fine.

Fel- Wait, really? You guys would want ME to be Rose? Oh, wow, I'm really honored, guys. :D I would be more than happy to be Idiot's Lantern Rose, guys! That whole outfit's right up my ally! Oddly enough, set the year I died, but moving on!
Me- I know who your ideal Tenth Doctor would be. *giggle*
Fel- ;-; Shhhhh.
Me- And Jack is just positively wonderful, guys. 8D
Fel- *leans in to hear said whisper* Oh. Ohhh. o.o Right. Staying out of the way.

Seraphina: Ooh, who could be Nine?

Me: I volunteer my OCs as tribute.

Gwennant: Tha' was a reallae bad joke.

Me: Oh shuddap

Al: Willow's Eleven, Xavier's Ten (because we forced him to), Seraphina's TARDIS, Clemens' Captain Jack, I'm Rory and Fel's Rose... am I right, guys? Or not? I'm probably right.

Me: I serious-ship Clemens/Willow and I shall now begin to crackship Jack/11. Also, I would volunteer one of my OCs, but only Al and Clemens are serious DW fans. 

Idris: What's wrong with looking indifferent at you two?

Me: Anyway, I have finished the picture of Jessie and her Mr Awesome Bunny Dude. click for a larger size.

Al: *dies from laughter*

Imogen: Ah'm nae gonna laugh...ah'm nae gonna *starts laughing*
Vienna: Nine? From Doctor Who? That sassy lad? I'll be feminine him, if no one else wants to!
Me: Can we have some OTPness at Neckrocon?
Willow: I'm okay with this cosplay group that is forming.

Jes- ...Are you kidding me. T___T
Jason- Awww, Jes, you look so cuuuu-
Jes- *deadly glare*
Jason- ...Nevermind. ._.
Fel- Williow, I am okay with this too. 8D

Me: It's just you, Zena. Personally I think of Dori the fish from Finding Nemo. "Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, swimming, swimming... 8D"

Ari: *shrugs* I don't know jack about Dr. Who, so can't really join this cosplay group.

Dori: *eye twitches at the name 'Dori'* You think I'm all words and no action, my dear? Ask Furey, Mr. Scorch, and the little ghost girl  - they know I follow through with what I say.

Ari: *glares* Yeah... but boy did you get it from me for trying to kill me.

Me: Uh, Fel? I don't think it's us this time. Dori's being Dori, and Jes doesn't like it. At. All. >:3


Me: Oo, that picture is DARLING! Jes looks so pretty, and the little carrot is just cracking me up. The whole picture came out great! I can't believe you actually did it though. XDDDD

Dori: ....*snickers a bit* Like I said, all dignity lost.

Imogen: Tha's probably because it's all ye've got. *starts braiding hair* Mah cousin's like tha', but she's a bit better about it than ye are. Ye like to get what ye want through bark in' orders, ah believe. Nae sure though.
Agatha: Aw snap. *stuffs popcorn into face*
Me: Imogen go to your room before the flame war begins.
Imogen: NEVER!
Willow: I'm really excited for Neckrocon now. *fangirl squee*

Me: So, um, I drew stuff

Kara: ...I look awful

Me: Shush

Seraphina: TARDIS tights! ~happy dance~ and as for Nine, I could talk Cassiel into it. He's got the sass, but not really the mouth. Vashti maybe?

Fel- Don't get me started on that day. u.u If my momma hadn't taught me that good girls don't use their fists, I TOTALLY would've kicked someone's butt. *pointed look at Dori*
Me- Hey, Krafty? What do we do? We swim, swim, swim. 8D Also, I will eventually draw Fel as Rose.
Jes- *sarcastically* Ah hah hah hah. That was so funny I forgot to laugh. T_T
Jason- Oh, Miss High And Mighty? Let's not forget that was kinda huge accident. Let's not boast about things that we didn't intend.
Jes- Either way, killing oer lmost killing people, accidental or not, isn't as fun as making them go insane.
Me- ....Some girls just want to watch the world burn. .____. *edges away from Jes*

Me: We could *regarding Willow's OTP comment*, but I ship Nine and Rose as well as Ten and Rose... I feel every productive today. I scanned a lot of pictures and uploaded them to MHD. Once they're approved and you can see the seven pictures in My Photos. ALSO YAY I'M GLAD YOU LIKE IT. :DDDD 

Al: *comes back to life after dying from laughter* I'm okay with everything in my life... including our awesome cosplay group... and that author's picture. Nekrocon shall be amazing. *squees with Willow*

Idris: I managed to get a ticket to Nekrocon, so I might as well cosplay. *sits in a corner and thinks about ideas*

Me: Also, Aret! Those pictures look awesome! I particularly like Seraphina's TARDIs dress, and how you incorporated the outside and the inside! MTW, draw Vannie as Pinkie Pie for reasons. 

Dori: *dark smile* You sure it was meant to be an "accident"? *to Jes* And my dear, I know that. However, there comes a time when you've dealt with someone's idiocy for so long that you get sick of it. *to Imogen* And young lady? I don't need to prove anything to you. Whether I am successful in my methods does not concern you at this time. Thus, we are done talking.

Ari: Whoa, whoa, Whoa, WHOA! If I remember correctly, you actually like the antiques I bring your family. "What would we do without your skills?" you told me once.

Me: Man, ever since I saw the picture of Jes I've been in a drawing mood. And Aret, those two look lovely! *off-key like Dori* And OOOOOH, we love to SWIIIIM! XD

Ari: Finish my pictures! They've been in your notebook for heaven knows how long!


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