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Me: Well, folks, you know the drill, and this is Charrie Convo!

Al: WAIT! I still haven't told you the story about the muffins! Camilla baked muffins! Someone threw the contents of the rubbish bin into the muffins! There were a baker dozen muffins! I ate one! C ate the rest. He vomited over the carpet then went to eat ovaries off trees.

Chroma: *giggles*

Al: They were apple ovaries, if you were wondering.

Me: Well, that's... a nice thought.

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Me- Jack is so awesome. 8D Anyway! Story time! 8D 

Jes- ...I think someone has a death wish. T_T

Jason- Shush, Jes. And I am not a bendy ruler! D:/p>

Me- Soooo, the stuffed animal in question happens to be a stuffed bunny named Mr. Fluffalubagus. He currently resides under the pillow of his beeeest friend-

Jes- Don't you freaking dare.

Me- -Jessie. :3 

Jason- *snicker snicker* Still funny.

Jes- *punches Jason in the arm* Shut it.

Jason- OW! >.< *rubs his arm* 

Bea- ...You sleep with a toy rabbit? Well then. To each their own... >_>

Jes- I most certainly do not. T.T My dad thinks that it's 'sentimental' of me to keep it and won't let me trash it. 

Me- Yeah, suuuure, Jes. XDD

Jason- *still rubbing* If lying to yourself helps you sleep at night, go for it, Jes. xD

Jes- Shut. Up.

Me- Once this simmers down, I'll grab Fel. XD

Willow: Maybe you could switch off between Ten and Rory?
Imogen: Widris welp. Alliteration much?
Agatha: She sucks at this.
Me: Now I'm hungry!!! Grrr...
Cassandra: Well thats interesting to know, Jes. And Jason? Mr. Fluffalubagus helps Jes sleep at night- not lying. *snickers*
Al: What's a time of the month? * genuinely confused*
Idris: *casually shrugs and rips duct tape off Agatha's mouth*
Helmholtz: Onto it!
Clemens: So if I'm Jack, I'll be awesome. Sounds about right.
Al: I shall flip a coin! *runs off to find a coin* *comes back* Also, by the way, Jessie, nice bunny story. Very badass. XDD *quietly snickers while finding a coin*
Me: Mr Fluffalubagus is the best stuffed toy! :D Also, I shall be whizzing off to the land of homework and fanfiction for now.
Imogen: Can she shut up again?
Agatha: Hey!
Willow: Yay awesome Clemens as Jack! *claps*

Ari - Yikes. To think of what kind of guy would catch Jes' attention is frightening to consider. Why do I get this feeling he'd be a total villain? And I'd have a slight respect for the bad boy? 

Me - First of all, welcome back, DA! You've been pretty MIA for a while. And Zena, homework and fanfiction do not belong in the same sentence. Unless its fanfiction about homework. Then its called horror.

Ari - *to Jes* Uh-uh... and when I threatened to destroy the wittle wabbit for you, your bluff was called. I remember how fast you snatched it back. And the possessive hug you gave it. XD

Me - Also, I heard the name Captain Jack somewhere! Whose going to be him? :D

Ari - *catches Jason's eye* Captain... Jack... Tri... You! *bursts into giggles* ((Remember that little episode, Fel? The night Ari showed how outrageous her stories can be. But hey, he manned up momentarily! ))

Dori - I fail to comprehend what's so laughable. And Ms. Leeds, that is truly beyond pathetic. A stuffed bunny, not to mention named "Mr. Fluffalubagus"? The name alone is horrendous and extremely childish! You, my dear, have lost any and all respect you ever had from me.

Imogen: Wow, vereh snooteh much? *mumbles*
Agatha: Aw snap. Dis gun be gud. *gets popcorn*
Me: Clemens is being Captain Jack for Neckrocon! BAD GRAMMAR AGGIE, BAD AGGIE. *hits with newspaper*
Agatha: *hiss*
Willow: There's a giant DW clawsplay group forming right now. We're up to at least 6 people I think.
Cassandra: Let me know if I can help.
Me: Out of nowhere, does anyone know the Epic Rap Battles of History?
Me: Now that you mentioned that, Jes needs to get a boyfriend for hilarity reasons. I have done (most) of the homework and I really need to work on fanfiction. Like this VDay fic… and the crossover… and my shipfic…
Clemens: I'm going as Jack! *waves an arm*
Idris: God bless you too, Agatha.
Al: *returns with coin* I got a coin! Heads for 10 and tails for Auton Rory. *flips*
Chroma: Is it just me, or am I going to feel sorry for the stuffed bunny when Jessie gets a boyfriend?
Al: And…. it's tails! You can call me the Last Centurion now. I'll have a Pandorica and stuff and it shall be EPIC. *flails* I have no idea how big as clawsplay group is, but it's going to be awesome, no doubt! :D
Chroma: Also, if we're talking about NekroCon, I'm trying to convince Lyron to be the Soarin' to my Rainbow Dash.
Lyron: *scribbles madly on handheld whiteboard* That's extremely ironic. What about Neon Lights and Vinyl Scratch?
Helmholtz: I got a pizza order for... Captain Maddy Hightopp of the awesome society?
Willow: Fine, perhaps I can sway Xavier to be Ten...
Agatha: Yes.
Imogen: Ah liked her better with the duct tape.
Agatha: D:

Seraphina: I started working on my TARDIS dress. I was wondering if you guys could help me pick out gloves. They shall be white, but elbow length or wrist length? Wrist length looks better, but elbow length is more practical.

Me: I started drawing her outfit, yay! I finished Kara's too.

Kara: I look terrible.

Me: No you don't.

Jason- *turns bright red* Ari, please please PLEASE shut up. @_@ That was just horrible and you should feel ashamed for laughing.  ((YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW HARD THAT MADE ME LAUGH, KRAFTY! XDDDDDDD))

Me- *through hysterical laughter* A-ari, d-different Captain Jack! XDDDD Although equally as handsome. *o*

Jes- ...Call me Ms. Leeds again and watch what happens. I DARE you. T_T You, Ari, and everyone else (especially Ari, though) in this room can stuff it. I've explained it once and am not explaining again. A CERTAIN author *evil glare* spun the story wrong. And Ari, you and I both know I don't want a stinking boyfriend or anything like that. That's Nerd Girl. Not me. T_T Same to you, Zena. 

Me- Oh gosh, Zena. XDDD That would be hilarious. And Chroma, don't worry, she'd still make room for snuggle time. :3 ...Okay, I'm gonna grab Fel now before Jes breaks my neck....XDDD *darts off* 

Jes- *mutters* Yeah, you better run...


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