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Thanks to Darth Alinart, we have pictures of Cerise!

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Aw, I'm a little bummed out by her face and head mold.  She just looks very strange to me.  I was really looking forward to a doll version of her awesome design, but this is a little lackluster.  I hope she looks better in person!

Hm, I can't really tell from the picture if she has her wolf ears or not. She does apparently have longer fingernails wich remind me of Clawdeen, so I guess she would have the ears aswell? I can't wait to find out, I hope she's released soon :D

She doesn't have literal wolf ears. The wolf ears she has are more similar to elf ears.

You took the words right out of my mouth!  When I saw the other dolls in person the moon faces (and all the same one at that) really killed it for me.  This one looks like an improvement.  I love the way EAH dolls are so high in detail like the MH dolls but, those faces.  I like this one a lot more, can't wait to see her with her hood down.

purple_monkfish said:

I love her. She has a really alien sort of face with that flat nose, I like it. She's less blandly moon faced than the others going from these pictures, which is great! The bland moon faces really bother me.

Also, does she have longer nails? If so, awesome!

Hoping she has cute little fuzzy wolfy ears under that hood heh.

She looks amazing, I can't wait. Hope she is out before December!

I think I may have to make an exception to my 'not collecting EAH' rule and get her. :)

Like some others have said, I really don't like her face either. In the show, she looks amazing, and the face of the doll doesn't do her justice. Her outfit is perfect which is great. It's a shame, really.

She's pretty, but I am DYING to see Blondie Lockes! Hoping her reveal is soon..


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