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Introducing my first ever custom and OC, CeCe!

Name: CeCe Steele

Age: 17. But if you've learnt about soul ages, about 396.

Parents: Soul Stealers/Eaters/Suckers

Killer style: I like 2-in-1 outfits, they look cute and are functional. And , my sunglasses, have to have those

Freaky flaw: I can't actually control whether or not I suck your soul. You look into my eyes, and it's gone. Another thing about my eyes is I have no pupils. So with all of these eye problems, there's no need to wonder why I always wear dark glasses.

Favorite color: Silver, there's nothing more beautiful than a pure, silver soul. 

Favorite food: Whipped Cream, if you were ever curious as to how eating a soul feels, try a spoonful of whipped cream. It's like, the same thing.

Biggest pet peeve: when people think we are always wanting to eat more and more souls- like we're bloodthirsty, but with souls... We do it to stay alive, not because we like to. At least not me.

Favorite activity: Swimming, I took this fish's soul once, and now I'm really good at it.

Favorite school subject: Ugh, school. The teachers are so boring I wish I could give thema soul. I don't place favorites and least favorites on things I don't like.

Least favorite school subject: See Above.

Pet: I don't have a pet. You suck a turtle's soul ONE time and suddenly you can't be trusted with animals. Okay... it might have happened more than once.

Anyways, here she is, idk why the picture is sideways...

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I have more pictures, but my computer is being annoying and won't add them, so i'll have more eventually.


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