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That's good to know thanks.

Ashley Pena said:

I don't know about other US based retailers but Target already has a spot on their Fall MH Reset shelves for Catty. While no SKU is there they have a rather large ICoffin shaped marker telling you to come back on 9/13/13 for a "clawesome" new doll. In the past with other lines Target has honored specific "street dates" but with MH anything can happen.


Onlyalisa said:

If she's a Friday the 13th doll, and showing up in different places I wonder if she'll show up in the states before that date .. I hope so.

This Predaking is GORGEOUS when he's transformed. And massive too.

opheliona said:

Nice, and Predaking :) I can't wait for Catty to show up here in the US.

I guess I missed the drama. So I don't know what it was about. I assume it might be the same user who ignorantly ANON hate in my inbox yesterday on Tumblr without knowing the entire story. As for Catty,  she appeared in Italy, New Zealand and Aussieland, Quebec and BC and in Ontario already but I don't think they are supposed to be on shelves. When I brought these for myself, sister and 2 friends, though she had a tag and a SKU, the computer said INVALID entry. And the website put her on pre-order today (for Sept. 13) on their site. SO. I don't know. I would assume, TRU's employees don't know better and put them out once they came in on the truck instead of holding them back. They come in a case of 6. Just her.

What store was this at


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