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hello everyone sorry if this is in the wrong place but today i spotted the catrine demew vinyl on ebay while i really want one i dont know if its lagit or not they say the figure is authentic but not in her original box and shows a picture but theres no way of showing any authentisity the link to the listing is included for reference i want to make sure its actually a real figure that was even released or not and if i should buy one (every picture i see of her i want her more lol shes a really cute figurine)

i appreciate any info and of corse if anyone out there even has one 


i decided to buy one of the figurines and she arrived today. I have to say lagit or not shes very cute and im very happy with her. is there a special way to tell a genuine figurine from a fake? anyways thank you all for your input and insight regarding the catrine figurine :) now i wish there were ones of catty noir, meowlody and pursephone i would bet they would be very cute too :)

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I have not seen this one in stores. This could be a legit figure thou it looks like they used a mattel stock photo then again it could be a well done bootleg or even an unreleased item. I think you should contact the seller for a photo of the acual item as a stock photo is not always accurate as to what the item in hand looks like.

Hello, Irakitty,

I can't decide. For some reason, the face doesn't look legit to me, but the rest of the doll looks fairly similar to the genuine MH vinyl figures, so....I don't know....

I hope that it's the genuine article!

<Disappears into a shadow>


The Whispering Wolf

She was going to be released with Operetta and Jinafire, we saw their prototypes... But they were never released. That's actually a real one, maybe a prototype version because they were never mass produced.

thats interising i never knew she wasent a production release i hope she turns out to be a lagit mettel figurine she is rather cute lol 


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