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Yep, I think I mentioned these a while ago but I got one for christmas so I wrote up a review for anyone curious.

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They are pretty odd.

There's a viking and a japanese one and I don't understand why.

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I really like the outfits and props but yeah the culture fusion is really strange. I wish their limbs actually looked like bones. Are their faces as flat as they look in the photos? How tall are they?

the face is indeed flat with a molded socket for the nose and they're shorter than MH so er... Bratz sort of height? 10 inches? But the head is MASSIVE

I think Id only really want them for the outfits...but they seem to be European exclusives and shipping is way too expensive to the USA.

I like these but 30 is expensive for them. 

I like these a lot. I love Day of the Dead inspired stuff. I like them all. They are interesting and colourful. Some of them are funny. But £30... sigh... £30 for a OMG LOL doll + £30 for a Catrina + another £30 for God knows what... it is becoming out of hand. I will have to do without these for now I'm afraid. I can only afford thrift stores or boot sales finds at the moment. So is life! ;-)

Yuck, hideous little creatures, are they Bratz?

I mean... compare THIS to Skelita. Or even the new Day of the Dead Barbie.

no they're a different company completely, who tends to make baby dolls and other such things. I thinkit might be their first fashion doll line, wiiierd.


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