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Toralei photo close up by: Not a cat

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I love them all, except for Spectra...too much hot pink-definitely not her colour.They all have ''sass'' written all over them!I think Toralei is going to be a villain.I like the design of the dolls, but i`m kind of disapointed, because they keep releasing the same characters over and over in every line!When the hell are they going to release a more special version of Lagoona?!Thery didn`t release her in the Scary tales line, neither in Ghouls Rule!, nor did they make a Ghouls alive version.They`ve turned Lagoona and Ghoulia into fill in/background characters(mind you, they are(were) some of the main characters).It looks like Abbey (and Spectra?) are going to take their places.-sigh-

These are SOOO COOL!!!!!!!! This might end up being my favorite line. I cant wait for Toralei!!!! XD

I agree, on the MH site with the guys and ghouls 2013 wishes, Ghoulia said she wanted to release her own comic so maybe these might be her comic characters? Just a theory, but if they dont make a Ghoulia for a line thats basically made for her there are probably going to be a lot of upset MH fans including me! XD

Julia Phelps said:

So amazing; I wasn't into this line based on Polterghoul (don't like) and WonderWolf (cute but didn't love it) but now I'm hooked. I'm thinking special too....and as my friend pointed out, if there are superheroes there has to be a Ghoulia! Probably exclusive, ugh.

Yeah probably wishful thinking since SDCC Ghoulia was meant to be a collectors exclusive. Honestly, even though I really want her as well she shouldnt be re-released, anyone who got her at the con would feel very slighted. :|

Mighoula Scaremeyer said:

I feel the same about SDCC Ghoulia... I am hoping she'll be added to the line as a surprise later on, in a similar outfit as the SDCC one, and maybe, though it's probably just wishful thinking on my part, but maybe an actual Dead Fast doll :)

Perhaps the catsuit/jailhouse mix was on purpose. After all, if she's a villain in this line (small possibility), then it would sort of make sense.

Onlyalisa said:

This Toralei doll is very Cat woman Julie Newmar-ish, but I do agree with some of the comments a solid color would've really set this doll off,, her suit reminds me of jail-house long underwear,, when Mattel made "Halle Berry's" Cat Woman doll that outfit was the best "cat woman's" suit EVER!! Not sure if I can post a photo from my IPad...if they did a solid Black, red, or orange that would've been better, but it's still a stunning doll.
If they don't re-release Ghoulia I'm good with that she's been done "SDCC" and after Skulls Shores "OMG", they need to give her a rest... There's other characters underdeveloped like the  "BOYS"!!! why ask for a doll that's been released hope for something new.

This Clawdeen looks so fierce! Have to get!


Who evers Target has tags for these PLEASE take a pic of it:)

I absolutely love this idea! So many potential ideas too!

They should definitely add more characters to this line in the future. Ghoulia, Abbey, Operetta, Venus, Deuce, Jackson (Something Hulk related comes to mind) and maybe a new character. Imagine all the super power ideas they could use for these characters!

Yes, I can definitely see Electro in her headpiece! I'm just impressed they went with such a cool hero as Dazzler -- in her original disco form! :D

Mighoula Scaremeyer said:

Ah, Dazzler! I did not think of her but you are right! I always think of Dazzler in her blue bodysuit she wore when she was a team member of the X-Men, but her First Appearance look really seem to be the inspiration for this Frankie.

The head piece reminds me more of the mask Electro wears. It is not an exact match, but it has these sparks too, just bigger and more over his face.

MDNA John said:

I'm not surprised they went with Julie Newmar as Toralei's inspiration. It makes perfect thematic sense -- a catwoman who's a villain -- could the match be any more perfect? There's also the fact that the 60's in general is the thing in fashion right now. Bodysuits, knee high boots, straight hair pulled back with a baby bump -- all in at the moment. Spectra and Clawdeen look pretty 60s, too. Frankie's a bit more late 70's/early 80's. Her inspiration had to be Dazzler; the color scheme and general disco vibe match Dazzler well. Dazzler's power was light, she could radiate bright white flashes from her body. Sounds a bit like Frankie, eh? Yep, consider me sold on these!

I mentioned this in another thread, but Toralei really reminds me of Anne Hathaway's Catwoman in The Dark Knight Rises because they have the same hairstyle. But now that you mention Julie Newmar, I totally see that too.


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