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I've finished some new customs recently :)  I'm not very good at coming up with names, so they don't really have them.

Cat custom:

She's the vampire CAM head on the cat CAM body.  She's wearing a Liv wig.

Water Monster:

She's the green nocturnal head on a mix of CAM parts.  She's also wearing a Liv wig.

Crocodile girl:

She's made from the doll that came with the CAM lab. (I just couldn't get the hang of the CAM lab and decided to paint them myself)

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the grin on your croc girl is fantastic!

Wow, nice job!  3 different styles, but they are all really well done!

I love Crocodile Girl! She has such personality! 

Water Monster has a sweet face.

Great job on the Cat Girl.

love these!

Thanks everyone!  :D

Crocodile girl's face is amazing, I'd buy the hell out of that doll.

Thanks!  Hee, I've actually already ordered one for her, I'm just waiting for it to arrive in the mail ^_^

Marghoul [short PC only] said:

The croc girl is unbelievable... and reminds me, someone on here has a store where they sell tails for MH dolls and a croc tail is one of them. You should consider it for her! ^_^ You can find it here. :3


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