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Cannibal Sightings: One

Where: Right in the halls of Monster High, a famous high school for monsters

Who: Name unknown

Eats: Humans, any kind

Warning: This cannibal eats humans only, must keep away from all humans at all times

A cannibal is going to Monster High... and she's hungry! Uh oh. There's a lot of humans at Monster High for no reason... will there be none in a few days?









Yadi XD

Um... is that it? I know I'm forgetting someone... Hm...

Oh yeah!

W- wait, no, that's not right...



I mean, I gotta be invited to a PRIVATE RP, right? :D

Okay, back to the point.

Well... new cannibal, you get the point.

If you got any human OCs, it would be nice to include one, as well!

They won't get eaten.


I dunno.

Anyways, here's the cannibal:

The eye under her hair... I'll post a pic lates.


A girl walked in through the doors. She stared at a human and walked towards him. He got freaked and ran. The girl pouted and sighed, looking around.

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((I'll be Oona. Despite the reason she's at MH, most people have never seen her being killed, and they mistake her for a normie. No, no Laura Haunts for you to eat, Canni! YOU ARE NOT GETTING MY NORMIE! In this RP, Laura hasn't joined MH yet. And let's act like she never will...))

Oona walked into the halls of MH. Most of the normies were trying to flee. She shook her head, sighing.

The girl saw Danny and started walking towards her. Two people near Danny pointed to the girl and whispered to each other. The blonde one said, "Who is SHE?"

The other girl said, "I dunno. She looks like a wolf. Or... wait, she is, like, attracted to normies? She must be a cannibal!"

"Let's get outta here!" the blonde shrieked and bolted, the other girl following.

Oona didn't hear a thing. She saw Canni.

"Must be a new student." Oona thought.

Oona walked over to her locker.

"Gods, why are all the normies scared of that new ghoul?" She muttered to herself. "They must be just stupid."

The girl cocked her head.

"Actually... I'm not looking for friends." the girl sniffed Danny's hand, then sighed.

"Not human. Crap." she muttered, walking away from Danny.

Oona pulled her ruby necklace out of her locker.

"I thought I had lost it." Oona muttered, putting her necklace on.

"Thank the gods." Oona rolled her eyes. It was quite obvious that that was sarcasm.

"I've heard there were humans at Monster High. I'm searching here." Canni said. "Before they find me." she added to herself, walking off.

Oona looked back to her locker, witch was half-way crammed with used traps, tthe other half had textbooks and other school supplies.

((Yes, those traps are used to kill Noah. But it's not like exactly half and half, it's just randomly mixed together. But still, half is traps, half is school supplies.))

Canni walked a little more down the hall when she thought she saw a human. It WAS a human. He had black hair that hung in his eyes, emerald green eyes, and pale skin. He wore a black hoodie, jeans, and tennis shoes. Canni walked over to him and used her charm.

"Hey." she cooed, tapping the boy on the shoulder. He turned around.

"Um... hey." he muttered.

Canni took his wrist and smelled his hand. Human! Canni was about to bite his wrist when the boy yanked his hand away.

"Hey, Scott!" someone called out.

"I'll... um... see ya later?" Scott said, running off.

"Crap. Another gone. I'm gonna go hungry if I don't have a human to eat." Canni mumbled.

Canni pretended to be shocked. She gasped sarcastically, and fanned her face with her hand.

"Oh my gosh! How could you say such a thing!" Canni cried in a high squeaky voice. Her voice, back to normal, Canni smirked.

"No. Been a cannibal all me life. I need to EAT!"

(( XD ))

"I don't go in a tribe. OR a pack, or whatever you call it. I'm lone." Canni growled.

Oona ran back up to the locker, opened it up, grabbed a trap and a book, closed it, and continued her way down the hall, passing Danny and the new ghoul.


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