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There are so many new releases that are coming out so often, I feel a bit overwhelmed. Does anyone else feel this way as well! My daughter and I truly love monster high but man my wallet is going on fumes just trying to keep up.

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I feel this way too. That's why I love layaway! In Oregon there's no sales tax, so I do about $145 worth of doll (in this most recent case, most of the FDC dolls), do $30 down and only $20 every 2 weeks til they're mine. I don't mind getting them a little later than other people :) I also don't mind the service fee. I'd rather pay an extra 50 cents a doll and know I have them :) In my area, they sell out and never come back :(

No sales tax :o that sounds like heaven! the 20% sales tax here is rather irritating :(

With my daughter it's all about sticking to the basics, not having to have every New character right away now that availability is better and we save up for the SDCC exclusives and jump on the boy releases asap.

I'm just annoyed about the prices. US prices don't seem to have inflated too much but UK prices are insane. They're asking £26:99 for byby! (put that into a currency converter and weep with me)

These dolls used to retail for £14:99 when they first launched, then £16:99. The price now is just greed, pure and simple and honestly Mattel's quality isn't nearly as worth it. More and more dolls i'm buying have thinly rooted hair, they don't come with pets and many don't have handbags etc. So you're paying sooo much more and getting less, which sucks.

I complain but Mattel and stores don't listen, bah.

It means i've ended up slowing down my purchases hugely. With so much stuff released and the prices being SO high, it ends up a case of "ok, what do I REALLY want and cannot live without?". More times than not, the end list is pretty small. the higher the prices, the shorter my list.

Google says it's $30.39 USD. I am so, so, sorry.

*holds the monkfish*

Oh it gets worse. That playset with the alien girl? £62:99. It is.. just... oh god... awful.

They're scalper level prices and it's so depressing.

Our retail STORES are scalping us, how twisted is that?

Hush - it's about $43, in fact:P

The prices over here are wildly inconsistent. It used to be that the price in GBP would be the same as the price in dollars, ie a $20 doll would be £20 here, meaning we pay roughly a third more (this is still the case with some lines, like Freak du Chic and Gloom and Bloom). But lately, we've seen things like Gore-geous Accessories coming out at £25 - that translates to about $40, compared to the $15 they are on You can see how we might get a little peeved about that!

Dear god. That's supposed to be a 'budget' line. That's freaking awful. I don't know how you guys can afford it. I can barely afford a doll here and there on the US prices. 

I'm the same way. I moved out on my out this time last year and got way behind. I was a completionist, but I've had to look through my collection and weed out the things. I'm down to basics and a handful of dolls that I just really love - trying not to have more than two of each character, unless it's Skelita or another one that I just love. 

I moved on to EAH, which has a lot more of a reasonable amount of dolls. You can keep up with them because they aren't coming out all the time, and since it just started not too long ago I've been able to keep myself to just the basics. But I realize a lot of people hate the overall look of that line so it's a poor replacement for MH, with their moon faces and same-y body types against MH's colorful and unique characters.

I'm glad that I'm not the only one who feels this way. I tried to limitour collection to basics at one point but I caved.I think I'm going to have to create a small budget just for collecting and once that budget is gone for the month then we will have to wait until next month

"overwhelmed" that is exactly how I feel at times.   Luckily I am not a completist and and I gave myself permission long ago not to buy every single doll.  Also where i live we get new dolls slower than other places because we are a small desert town.  It's a double edge sword because for the dolls I really want and have the money for, I can't find always right away.  But on the other side when Mattel does a mass release of new dolls, I have time to save up for them.


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