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I am the type who loves intelligent, twisty thrillers ("The Good Student", anyone?), but there are a few that I have only seen once, so that I can't identify them anymore....

During 2003, I was recovering from a surgery in a motel room, and my father turned the T.V. on. A very frightening, but fascinating movie / show (?) came on, and I've never been able to forget, or identify, the show.

I wasn't watching closely, because the entire tone was scary, but the general gist of the movie was a cat-and-mouse game between the African-American protagonist and another guy, a Caucasian who was out to destroy the AA guy. 

Well, anyway, the African-American guy finally goes over to his side of town, where he finally defeats his enemy.

Before that, though, came a scene that freaked the heck out of me, but that fascinated me, too. The bad guy, who is White, walks into a train station bathroom, and he transforms himself into a fake "Russian" guy, complete with a Cossack-style hat, etc., so that he can stalk his prey in cognito.

The second movie is a 1996 that I stupidly lost the title of after I had watched it online. It's about the death of a wealthy, wheelchair-bound, sometimes mean female executive. It turns out that her second husband....and her daughter from her first marriage killed her, in order to steal her money.

It's only too bad for them that their victim's lawyer won't let them have her money, and that her big house now seems to be haunted by something....or someone, so that they're becoming more and more paranoid as they struggle to enjoy their victory.

If either of these movies are too inappropriate, feel free to delete this discussion, 'cause these movies are sort of mature thrillers, but I can't seem to find them on IMDB.

<Disappears into a shadow>


The Whispering Wolf 

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