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Called the local TRU (Mesquite, TX) and got a pleasant surprise!

Not only was the lady on the phone and her manager nice enough to go open boxes for me while I waited, as well as tell me all the dolls on their shelf before making the thirty minute drive. Once I got there, the same lady I talked to was kind enough to let me take pics of their shelf. (Some stores have a policy against it.)

They had:

I <3 Fashion Frankie

I <3 Fashion Abbey

Roller Maze Ghoulia

Roller Maze Frankie

Roller Maze Operetta

Rochelle Goyle

CAM Design Lab

Starter Cams and Add Ons

B&W SS Frankie

A few other SS dolls

A few 1600 Dolls

Loads of accessories for kids to wear.

Lots of playsets.

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Lucky :(

I didn't even make it to Lewisville...which was my plan. Hit this one then that one. But I found what I wanted here first.

They got a shipment in today actually. I plan to go back and keep checking with them. Especially since they were so pleasant on the phone with me asking them to tell me all the dolls they had.

cw=clawdden wolf            ss=skull shores

gy=ghoolia yelps              dt=dead tired

                                           w1=wave 1

ab=abey bominable          ihf=i heart fashion

dlaura=daraculaura          rm= roller maze    


cdn=cleo de nile

rg=rochelle goyle

cam=create a monster

fs=frankie stien


i would have gotten ss dlaura,1600cw,cdn vanity,w1 rg,dlaura roadster,all the cam packs,cw dt,rm gy,rm fs,ihf ab,ihf fs,and and all the dress up things,go home,put avidio on youtube about a haul, and get 1,000 hits!



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