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I purchased C.A. Cupid, back on January 2nd.  The box says "C.A. Cupid" on it.  I just got a Walmart add in the mail today, and it says "Monster High Amore Cupid Doll" , Exclusive to Walmart.  The box even says Amore Cupid, where my mox says C.A. Cupid.  Does anyone know if this is a misprint, or if the new Cupids are "Amore Cupid"?

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Thats strange. I just got Keira one and the box shows CA Cupid. I wonder if it is boxing for another country or they changed the name for some reason.

@Sterling: Where are you from that the flier you received says, "Amore Cupid"? I will let you know what my box says once I go and pick it up from Walmart. I was under the impression that it is supposed to say, "C.A. Cupid". However, like Ayaka502 mentioned, perhaps other countries are different???

@Lynn, I live in Kansas City, Missouri.  I purchased my Cupid in Overland Park, Kansas one month ago, and it says C.A. Cupid on the box, and that is why I was confused by the add I received today.

I received the same ad in the mail today. I live in PA and mine also says Amore Cupid in the ad. The box of the doll I got from also says C.A. Cupid.

My the A in her name stands for Amore.

Aw, mine says C.A. Cupid but I like her new name better. And unless they usually style the doll's hair for ad pictures, her hair is also different. That's what my doll looks like AFTER I brushed and styled her hair.

If they did change her name I like c.a cupid
Better then amore also on my drawing I put c.a
I mean under the sketch I put c.a cupid under it
And I don't want the name to be wrong

Spectra Fan said:
If they did change her name I like c.a cupid Better then amore also on my drawing I put c.a Cupid  

I was curious about this as well.

I saw that ad today &  the Cupids I saw today say C.A.( they where just put out cause I checked this Wal-mart yesterday and they weren't there) . I wonder where Wal-mart got the Amore from? I know Amore means love.



Just an old prototype photo/name. It's pretty typical for toys to have a different name in preproduction and prototyping -- It's also pretty common that the names/prototype pictures are sent to stores, long before the toy is released. So it just looks like Walmart used the old picture they had instead of using an updated one that has C.A. Cupid on it. I'm sure the designer that put the page together just matched the name on the box in the picture and/or the internal information was not be updated to C.A. or the updated info may not have been sent to the marketing/advertising department. This is the main reason all toy companies have something in the fine print about the product may vary  -- store ads should also say something similar to that somewhere on the ad.

Ones that just came out in Canada say "C.A. Cupid".
Keep in mind that the store flyer ads are printed up to 8 weeks in advance - so that puts this printing prior to the first US wave of the dolls hitting stores, and probably prior to when any of us saw box art... it's entirely possible that Mattel released a stock photo of a prototype doll and box (her hair does look curlier and her earrings and ring are missing) and Walmart used it for the ad prior to the name being changed and finalized.


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