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I you've been bullied this is the place to come and talk about ot and i know how it feels because i have been bulied to.

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Come on don't be scared

I don't post here as much due to all the negativity of the reboot,
I actually have been enjoying it but not so much everyone here, sadly.

Hey can you tell people to join this club group whatever they all it

I would like to mention if you're being bullied in real life you should let a teacher and you parents know so something can be done about it. On here you should let a mod or our site owner stu know. Some people are mean but try not let them get to you. I've been bullied in real life because of my autism people just didn't get it and decided i was retard did i let them stop me no i told them off when they said i was or any one else was retarded it helps to stick up for yourself but even if you do get them to back down you should let someone know so they can keep an eye on the person. however online does not work as well people are more likely to quote and quote the one misworded sentence or make fun of an idea and say it's their way or the highway. That's the internet sadly thou glimmer if you like the reboot don't let people put you down for it we are entitled to our opinions no matter what others seem to think. Anyone that puts people down for their own personal pleasure needs to get a life.


Wow, thriftydolly. I thought that the "R" word went out in the 90s, and that it wasn't used anymore, but I guess that I was wrong.  :(

With regards to bullying, it's actually strange, but I was badly bullied not so much in high school, but in the upper elementary grades, like 4th and 5th.

This one girl and her brother chased me around the field, scaring me with a plastic Godzilla toy. I still can't believe how silly it was that I was so afraid of them, running around that field until my heart nearly pounded out of my chest. I was a lot less mature-looking than the other kids, though, so my small stature might have had something to do with my fear of being chased around the field.

People my age disliked me because I wouldn't share my healthier snacks with them, and because I was a fan of "Matlock" at such a young age. They would paw through my hair, because, back then, I didn't wash it everyday. I do wish that I had done that, because, today, I am super picky about having clean hair!

The worst of it, though, was being locked in the boys' bathroom! Well, this group of girls wouldn't actually lock me in there, but they'd drag me (One day, this one girl got angry with me because I grabbed at her jeans jacket, trying to prevent her from forcing me into that bathroom), shut the door, and hold it closed as I cried and banged on the door from the inside of the bathroom.

Of course, my fear was always that there'd be some guy in there, looking at me as though I were the insane one. I never stopped to think that those other girls would look pretty bad if a guy were in there to see me being thrown in with him. 

The only other incident that happened around that time happened after school, while I was stuck in the after-school program that I had to attend, because both of my parents worked. This other girl who was there with me stopped me in the bathroom, stealing one of my favorite purple bow barrettes from me, and throwing it into the toilet! I was shocked, but, because I loved the barrettes so much, I did the unthinkable, and retrieved the stupid barrette, anyway, washing it, and my hands, really, really well at the sink!

During high school, a few really, really cruel remarks were made (Ie: A guy suggested that I was a totally non-sexy, cold girl, which was actually kind of odd, as one or two other guys liked me during my high school career, even if they weren't my boyfriends!), but nobody ever physically attacked me. Of course, when a fellow Drama student, knowing that a backstage coffee-maker was filled with hot water, asked me to check the coffee machine by looking at the spigot while testing it, I was smart enough to say, "No!", avoiding serious burns! His mother was a friend of my mother's, though, and, had he caused third degree burns all over my face, his mother would've been mortified! The odd thing was that I don't think that this guy hated me; I think that he was literally not using his brain at the time. I think that, as a teenager, he was thinking along the lines of stupid humor, or he was counting on me to automatically do the smart thing, and he wasn't thinking about what would have really happened, had I burned my face. Thank goodness that I did do the smart thing, or that classmate and I would have forever been linked by a major tragedy

<Disappears into a shadow>


The Whispering Wolf / Wolfie 

Bullies are sad insecure people who never grew up past middle school. At least that is how I see them now. Do not let anyone dull your sparkle. They just want to drag you into the pit of unhappiness they themselves are in.

I mainly got bullied in middle school for being in special ed. (auditory processing disorder) I'm super super shy so I didn't have to many friends growing up,(still don't) So I was an easy target for bullies. High school I ended up putting up walls that I'm still trying to break down.

Only bullying I get as an adult is people thinking they can call me offensive things because of my weight. My mothers side of the family has hereditary thyroid issues(grandmother/mother/great aunt all have underactive thyroids) Those hurtful comments used to make turn to extreme calorie cutting and weighing myself everyday. People like to complain about the Body Positive Movement being unhealthy but it stopped me doing something very unhealthy.

Hello, Moth,

It is pretty pathetic how people will bully / avoid others for aspects of their lives that they can't control. I swear that kids are influenced by their parents, too. I mean, my mother and I invited more kids to more Birthday parties that nobody ever showed up to, and, to this day, my mother and I both share the belief that those kids' parents were afraid of me, simply because I had a heart condition.

I'm curious to know if you ever told people that your medical history literally prevented you from being the weight at which they'd have accepted you, and I'm curious to know what their responses were. Were they still willing to be cruel, or were they set back on their heels a little bit?

It's amazing how ridiculous these bullies can be (Ie: "We like her more than you because she's cool, and she's not a dork!" What kind of a lame answer is that, right? LOL!), and how positively OCD they are about targeting one or two innocent people, over and over and over again (Ie: During my 8th grade year, I was in Year Round, with a limited number of other kids, and this one mean girl backed me up against the side of one of the portable buildings on more than one or two occasions, threatening to beat me up after school....She never did, but I had to deal with the threat of being attacked).

Sometimes, even the act of being successful doesn't dissuade bullies. I once won a Science project medal, and I still had to engage in a tug-of-war with a male classmate who was certain that he was going to take that medal from me....right before I was to board the bus at the end of the day. I hung onto that medal for dear life, and, in the end, even though I was literally weaker and smaller than he was, I walked away with my medal!

Oftentimes, the bully must grow up before he or she can see you as someone who doesn't need to be bullied.

<Disappears into a shadow>


The Whispering Wolf / Wolfie

Children aren't born with hate in inside them. Parents defiantly influence how their children think. My mother tried to raise me to be accepting to everyone. I've even helped her be more open minded on a few subjects.

They usually happen by drive by while I'm out walking so I've never told these people. The worst though was someone driving by my window until 4 in the morning calling me a fat female dog. Online I don't read or respond to super hateful comments(because of trolls). I do however inform people who are a little ignorant on what can cause people to gain weight to begin with.

In school I never got threats to get beaten up. It was mainly verbal bullying. In fifth grade I went to public school for the first time. The kids used to call me names. My teacher said I was a bad person because I reported them for it. In this day and age I would like to think she would have gotten in trouble.


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