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I got obsessed with MH , as I my intention was to customise them all.

I started a few, but never got finished.

Now lost interest and want to get rid of the lot.

27 Dolls - Some are blank, and need repainting. Some need re-rooting as they're bald.

Not all parts are there. 

CAM Dragon is missing a wing.

And I believe some Jewellery is missing too.

I have super feedback on eBay and DenOfAngels BJD forum.

Looking for a quick sale, and have a set amount in mind.

PM Me offers.

I'm in the UK, prefer to sell to UK-ers. But will consider overseas.

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I dont live in the UK but I'm interested in possibly purchasing them, what is your asking price and are you selling them as a lot or separate?

Hi! I'm from Italy. Is it expensive the shipping? I'm intrested too c:

How much is the Venus McFlyTrap doll? Also, does she need re-painting? How much is shipping, too?



We are from derby .uk

How much for the lot?


I'm in the US but I'm interested in the howleen, venus,3 eye girl, RM lagoona body, rochelle and cat ears if you have them. Good luck with your sales.

Hi! I'm fro Italy and I'm very intrested in Werecat sisters, SS Frankie, Basic and DD Spectra, Nefera and Cupid and, if you have it, a wig for a CAM. How much the shipping to Italy? Postal code is 66100.
thank you, have a nice day!

Sent you a FR! (:

Hi im uk, do u have a price in mind?

Hey I'm in the UK, are you interested in splitting at all? I really want Cupid and the 3-eyed ghoul cam.

Hey, I'm in the UK :3 really interested in the hanks of hair! Sent you a PM!

Hi everyone !

Sorry for the late response!

I lost some comments in the requests, so will post here.

- I paid nearly £380 GBP //   $560 USD in total for all dolls - And that doesn't include how much I spent in petrol or postage XD

Or the hanks of hair either.

I am looking to get around what I paid.

I will leave this up for more interest , as I'd rather it all go in one lot. Once it's yours, split off what you want.

I will take paypal, but due to past experience, I can only take it as Owed right now. But am willing to offer a short layaway to the buyer ( 50% upfront. remainder within 1 month). :-)


Got your message but I can't seem to reply on my phone :\ I think it's a problem with the mobile version that never got fixed!

Anyway, just to let you know I need to put some money in the bank, and as soon as it goes in tomorrow I'll pay for the hair and send you another message :3

Cheers! x


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