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My daughter broke her scaris deuce doll, at the knee on one leg, could probably be fixed with some careful gluing, but I found another one at walmart for $10 so, rather than tossing him in the trash I thought someone might have a use for him, can send nude or with clothes, not sure where the glasses are though. As I said free, so long as shipping is not more than around $10, then you would need to just pay shipping cost.

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Sorry to hear he broke, but happy you found another. I'd love to take him off your hands if you still have him! I think shipping is around $4-5 (maybe less) if sent in a bubble mailer within the US?

Pm me your info and I will send him out to you tomorrow. My daughter plays pretty rough sometimes with her dolls, she broke a Cleo dolls leg off and I threw her away, but I know a lot of people use broken dolls for parts and figured someone could put a deuce doll to use.

Hey, if he's still available or a deal falls through let me know. Love to have him. :) 

Oh wow, I never throw out any broken MH parts pieces. If the knee breaks you can dig it out and substitute CAM legs. The same with arms. It is easy to elastic leg restring also or replace the inside leg pins. I do all sorts of things with broken MH parts. Glad someone has a use for Scaris Deuce. I also buy or trade for broken dolls myself.

Thank you again, Dixie. I sent you a friend request with my address in a PM attached to it. I can't send you a normal PM unless you've accepted my friend request beforehand. 

And while your daughter may play rough with her dolls, she at least sounds like she enjoys them and that's what really matters. How old is she, if I may ask?


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