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Hey all, this is the area where I will be posting CAM ideas based on dolls I've purchased, either broken, second hand, or bootleg from sites like Aliexpress whose bodies are financially cheaper and of poorer quality. 

I like customizing dolls, it gives me something to think about between classes and homework that I can feel positive about and gives me a chance to work with my hands and deal with my emotions by anthropomorphizing my issues onto something to work through them.

I like working with broken dolls the most because it makes them useful again, and I have to think of creative ways to work around or with their flaws.

That being said, here are a couple of designs based on dolls I've got coming to me soon.

This is Nikolai "Nicky" Stein. He'll be made from a B&W Skull Shores Frankie done up with my new and improved version of the breast reduction modification. He's Frankie's first kid after college.
If you remember, he technically already has two pseudo-siblings, although one is most likely deceased. Hoodude and the Gingerbread Kid were both constructs of Frankie's before him, so they're sort of like awkward older siblings to him.
He's not well put together. Frankie made a boy, but she didn't check and just put male organs and muscle onto a female skeleton. And they're not even from consistent donors. There's a big mix of about a half dozen donors who were a varied mix of Normie and Monster, so there's no telling what Nicky really is. Nicky gets his adorably nice nature and tendency to go to pieces from his mom.

Physically, he's a Skull Shores body (care of Joker here on MHDolls, always a pleasure doing business with you), rerooted in black, white and silver streaks, with black and white flocking on opposite halves of his head. He has one round pupil and one slitted Gorgon, Dragon, or Swamp Monster pupil. He has a scar like his mom but on his cheek, another more severe scar in placement on the other side, and the signature Stein neckbolts. He's a vibrant character, but his color scheme is as monochrome as the rest of him. He also has one black eyebrow and one white one, which I thought was a cheeky touch.

Below is Archimedes Socrates Perseus "Asp" Gorgon, Deuce's oldest clutch-mate, One of his mother's oldest children. Asp is a fashion photographer for Morgue, is as Bi as your typical Grecian hero, and cares just as much for inner beauty as he does outer beauty. He dated Nefera for like half a second before her personality and inner aura sent him out the door and out of her life FOREVER. Asp doesn't need his shades, he's got total control of the gaze using a pair of filtered contacts, but the shades make him look cool and put other monsters at ease. 
Asp is made from a knockoff Deuce who will arrive at the end of the month. I have no idea what color his snakes will be, but I'll be melting them into a fall using heat, and then painting his scales a mix of purple and gold.
His eyes are a darker green than standard Deuce's and his eyebrows are violet. He has scales on his chin that mimic as small goatee, in alternating patterns of gold and violet. His shirt will be a dip dyed ombre between black and gold, with green and purple snakes painted into a lattice pattern on it. His capris will be made from purple canvas.

This is Howlard "Howlie" Wolf (Jr.), son of Howlard and Clawdette wolf and youngest weaned sibling to Howleen, Clawdeen, Clawd, and Clawdia. Howlard is two years younger than Howleen, and will be Freshmeat the year that Clawdeen is scheduled to graduate. Howlie makes Howleen look like a basket of sunbeams, and arguably with good reason.

Howlie gets made fun of for having "girly" fur, being the runt of the litter, and for being the first werewolf in decades to actually fall for a hunter's trap. Howlie has to wear a knee brace (which I've modded to look cute-ish with his outfit), and can't be as physically active as his siblings. Howlie is going to have to figure out who he is and who he wants to be in this world. He also wants to find a way to prove himself in the eyes of his pack.

Clawdeen, Clawdia, and Howlie are very close. Howlie was the only boy in the house who would sit still long enough to help Clawdeen with measurements or model boys clothes for her. Clawdia sees a kindred intellectual spirit in Howlie, and sends him books of poetry and art plates from her academic travels.

Howleen especially likes picking on Howlie because he has to wear a mix of all of the hand me downs that fit, or have Clawdeen help make them fit, and so a lot of his wardrobe consists of gender neutral looking girl's clothing, and Howleen just loves pointing that out. But in reality this is because Howleen is jealous of how cool and collected Howlie is despite life dealing him a losing hand, and his ability to connect with his older sisters in a way she isn't able to. Also she blames Howlie's close friendship and kindred connection with Twyla for her gradual estrangement from her former Freshmeat beastie.

Howlie usually wears a hoodie and shorts. The hoodie because he likes to be able to hide in it and make himself as invisible in the halls as possible, and the shorts because it's really hard to fit pants on his leg brace and not worry about ruining them. He has a couple of skinny jeans, but he only wears those to places he can't wear shorts or in the coldest days of winter.

Howlie will be made from a 13 wishes Howleen with a knee snapped off at the joint. I'll dig out the peg with a red-hot dental pick and try to reattach it to the leg using mad science, heat, and a little bit of apoxy. Afterwards, I'll give Howlie a knee brace of my own design to protect that leg while he's in use. He'll also get a new faceup, including the adorable spot, and his hair cut and maybe either rerooted or flocked in the back, but in Howleen's natural color for that doll. He'll wear a pair of Ghoulia's Phys Dead sneakers, and I'll either make or buy him a pair of tiny tube socks because I feel they complete the outfit. A big shout out to Cece here on MHDolls for sending me her severely damaged Howleen, and I hope she really likes the idea and design.

EDIT: Adding more Photos of Completed and or Nearly Completed Customs

The Most Popular Boys in School (Minus Clawd, and Mo)
Jackson and Deuce have donor limbs (the pinkish ones are from a Vamp CAM of course), Jean Qareen is my Genie made from a bootleg "Tan Holt", Beauty obsessed designer and former apprentice to Mdm. Ghostier Bleuis Frostbitton has travelled all the way from Scaris to exact his revenge... or at least that's how it started out when he got here, and my mostly done Garrott that I need to finish rerooting and then boil perm.

The Freshmeat Five consists of Abel Bominable, Abbey's figure skating cousin who has undergone my signature "Well, there just aren't enough boy dolls in any given line" alteration. He's got a pomp I need to boil and gel, and then he needs some flocking. Next is Ghoulius Moanscreams-Yelps, a distant cousin of Ghoulia's who's ready to to prove intelligence runs in the family. Nikolai Stein is Frankie's kid, because she just can't seem to stop bringing things to life at least once a season. It's a dangerous habit. Next is runt of the Wolf litter Howlie (sans leg brace, I'm working on it, need to get one off of a Jane Boolittle for study) who just wants to graduate without getting too much notice (trust me, that's not going to happen). Finally bringing up the pack is Tai Huantl, a werepanther exchange student of South Amer-Eek-Ah! who is still growing into his paws. Literally, look how big his hands are. He's the Puma add on pack on a modified Sea Monster CAM body.

Finally the Gruesome Twosome, Lupita von Wolfenstein (sans arm, again, working on it, metalwork takes time.) The other arm was kindly donated by a "Lovely Patsy" doll, from the company that makes those horrible Midnight Magic dolls. And her BFF Vigor(ia) Stein, Vigor/Vigoria tends to do a whole bunch of switching because she was literally put together with no thought at all by Frankie (she was sleep-building). You know things are going to be bad when the first words you hear being born are "Oops, My Bad". Vigor is literally made from scrap parts from all of my toy orders. Their arms, legs, knees, head, and torso and upper arms all came from different doll part batches. They currently have a wonk knee, but I just got a new leg to replace it. Vigor is eager to help, and is really really nice, but isn't actually the most helpful or useful in a situation. Vigor tends to go to pieces or lose their mind at the worst possible moment. But they're a really nice monster and Nicky is really proud to have them as a sibling.

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Wow, just wow. I am blown away by your talent and creativity. I showed this to my hubby and he too loves your ideas. U get two thumbs up from us.

Update, I've just received my fakie Gold Deuce, the base for Asp, so things are steadily heading forward.
All I need is to wait for paints, tools, and hair to come in from order. Waiting is frustrating, but the process is thrilling.

For anybody not familiar with "Gold Deuce", he's a bootleg Chinese Deuce that occasionally (like mine) has Jackson's face mold. Like he looks in this image from his ad on aliexpress:

Oh he's hilarious. What's the quality like on these?

I've got to be honest, the quality is shockingly good for how little I paid. I mean, the seams were a little larger, the plastic is lighter, and the joints aren't quite as tight, but only just, but the doll heads come off and on easier, and the clothes are pretty sturdy.

I was actually very impressed. The arms don't bend as far as the regular doll, but only because there isn't a resevoir dip for bended movement. I could fix that with a dremel easily.

well that's pretty awesome. Look forward to seeing what you do with them.

Also got one of those weird tan Holts. Don't know how I feel about that one though.

Alright, so. The dolls I'm showing are none of the described above CAMs. I'm waiting for certain things to come in before I get to work on those. Namely my new rotary tool.

While I wait though, here's some of the work I did over the night. I got a kick and picked a couple of my bait dolls and just ran with them with no ideas or plans in mind, just my imagination.

The gang's all here (please forgive the naked Tan!Holt, I'm picking out an outfit for him after his spray sets.

Closer up. Pardon the mess, when I work it gets messy. You can see Abbey's body in the background.
We have my old gendermodded Ghoulia, Ghoulius joining us. He awaits with bated breath more company.

We also have Ashton Ella visiting us from Ever After High.
Ashton is a rough and tumble kind of Prince, alway coved in soot and grime from his adventures in the castle and the grounds.

I don't have names for the other three characters yet, but I've got a good idea as to who they are.

This one is tentatively Poseidon "Donny Jr." Gorgon, Deuce's younger brother and a major pain. He's going to be rooted above the snakes sort of like Viperine. If anyone is interested in how I made him, I'll explain, but I figured that could wait.

This is a genderbent Abbey, probably going to go with Abner or Abel. He's going to be a slightly effeminate figure skater here to train for the Ghoulympics.

And finally, what I did with that bootleg tan Holt. I painted his hair thing, gave him a better faceup, only better because it no longer has a Mike Tyson face tattoo. Seriously Holt, what were you thinking.
I have no idea what to call him, I'm thinking he's either a Boogey of some sort, or a Genie. Whatever it is, it's kind of smokey and old orientalism "middle eastern" inspired. I'll figure him out, but I like what I've done with him.

This is amazing!

So going to lurking this thread.

Thanks to the people who enjoy my work. I appreciate a healthy level of stalking. XD

XD ROFL who doesn't?

This is "Asp" so far. I need to get access to a heat gun at school to curl his snakes. He also needs shades.

I don't think he looks all that great, I kind of rushed him, but I figure he's still presentable, and since he was made from a Fakey anyway, I don't feel to bad if he's not one of my best works.


Finally got around to doing Howlie's faceup and hair. You can't see his other ear, but it has a gray patch just like his eye. I replaced the gold arrow earring which fell out somewhere and I've yet to find it with one of B&W Skull Shores Frankie's nut earrings. I like it with the gray spots. His knee still needs reattaching, and I need to put together the brace, but I've got all the stuff for it just lying around now. I'm really happy with how his face turned out. Eyes need a little bit of cleaning up, but I'll get to that when I get to it.


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