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So, I managed to find an abundance of dolls at Kmart at Westfield Chermside. They had an Abbey basic and all the skull shores girls... There were about 25 Spectra's nd a handful of Toralei's. They also had some wave 2 basic Clawdeen and Frankie's and a few sweet 1600 dolls. For the first one ever I saw a fashion pack!! It was Toralei's. I also recently saw an abbey basic at target Westfield Northlakes... I forgot to check target at chermside, but Kmart seems to have better stock anyway. The skull shores folks are $19, basics are $29, sweet 1600 $39 and the fashions are $15. If anybody is desperate for any of these an want me to pick one up for them and post it, I'm happy to :) I'm new on here, but I'm a pretty big Mh collector and love the dolls! I would never charge extra to send anything, only shipping cost and actual doll cost.

Anyhoo, that's all for now :)

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I not from brisbane but I found this website. Hope it helps.

Were the Spectras the originals or the rerelease?


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