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I don't think this has been posted yet, correct me if I'm wrong.

Found this on Tumblr, it's from the 2012 Australian Toy Fair for a new line of Bratz coming out:

Anyone else thinks these designs look like really well done MH OCs?

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We all know that bratz coppied monster high and that they don't uave there own doll ideas But what you don't know is bratz is a Mattel product as well and bratz and monster high are copying each other because bratz coppied like a ghouls rule thing of monster high , and monster high coppied the brats desert Jews movie and called it the name 13wishes so you never know they might just be working together or maybe coppying each others ideas because they don't have there own.

Bratz was Carter Bryant's idea, not Matttel's nor MGA's. For some reason Carter Bryant wanted to sell his idea to MGA.

my daughter really enjoys her bratzillaz she got all five of the first wave dolls for christmas and was more excited over those then a few other things she got  and for her they are easier to handle in my opinion i was very unhappy with the first few waves of mh dolls how badly they were put together with the elastic waist and all im much happier with the newer versions we dont collect everything of any toy line i think the toy line we own the most of is the lala loopsi mini dolls bx they price is the most reasonable and my daughter is foru goign on five in les thn a mnth  and she loves the bratzillaz pets so for kids i can see the appeal  i just thinkits nice to have doll lines that are different monster high novi stars bratzillaz she plays iwth themall together   she thinks they are all friends lol


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