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So I don't know if you guys have heard but MGAE said that the Bratz will make yet another comeback, but this time they will focus more on what the fans want. They are actually taking suggestions from fans all over the world on what they want to see. For me it's essential to have saran hair, bodies like the 2015-16 ones but a little less flimsy and more poseable (Like the Instapets line that barely hit the market before the line ended again), older face-ups (2001-2006ish). Smokey eyes, lip liner, eye liner, etc. Lots of makeup basically and the dare to stand out fashions we loved the Bratz for. I personally liked the bigger heads and shoes the reboot used. Made them different from other dolls. The more over-sized the better. lol 

Here's a list of the characters and lines/themes I want to see from them. Keep in mind I tried to narrow it down to 15 each so it didn't get out of control ;P


1)      Cloe "Angel"

2)      Yasmin "Pretty Princess"

3)      Sasha "Bunny Boo"

4)      Jade "Kool Kat"

5)      Meygan "Funky Fashion Monkey"

6)      Dana "Sugar Shoes"

7)      Fianna "Fragrance"

8)      Raya "Sun Rayz"

9)      Phoebe "Sugar"

10)   Roxxi "Spice"

11)   Nevra "Queen B"

12)   Katia "Flirty Turtle"

13)   Kumi "Lucky Bug"

14)   Felicia "Glam Gecko"

15)   Lilee "Cherry Blossom"



1)      1st Edition, Core, Hello My Name is (Basic Line)

2)      Formal Funk (Formal Dance Line) 

3)      Flashback Fever (Retro/Decades Line) 

4)      Girls Nite Out (Party/Night Out Line) 

5)      Tokyo-a-Go-Go, Study Abroad (World Travel Line) 

6)      Wild Life Safari, Adventure Girlz (Safari/Adventure Line) 

7)      Campfire, Wintertime Wonderland (Camping/Winter Line) 

8)      Live in Concert (Futuristic Music Line) 

9)      Play Sportz (Sports/Athletic Line) 

10)    Pretty 'n' Punk, Midnight Dance (Punk/Edgy Line) 

11)   Costume Party, Wild Wild West (Costume/Themed Line)

12)   Genie Magic (Arabian/Genie Line) 

13)   Princess, Masquerade Ball (Princess/Fairytale Line) 

14)   Sweet Dreamz, Slumber Party, Nighty-Nite (Sleep Attire Line) 

15)   Head Gamez (I don't know about you guys but this was one of my all time favorite lines. It was so fun swapping the heads out) 

What would you guys like to see from the Bratz this time around?

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Breanna, let's be real here. Bratz were actually edgy and scandalous. If they weren't, then the parents wouldn't be so against them in the first place. Their makeup and outfits were definitely controversial because it wasn't considered as "wholesome" as Barbie.

Speaking of Barbie, we all know that she started this fashion doll phenomenon, and we do appreciate her for that. But I think a lot of people seem to have a problem with her because they find her really dull and boring at times. 

If anything, the only doll brand that doesn't get the appreciation that they deserve is Bratz. Because without Bratz, there wouldn't be Monster High or Ever After High.

definitely. bratz sort of paved the way for dolls looking more well.... like actual teenagers and not so wholesome.

Barbie had, by the mid 90s sort of become what mom wishes her teenaged daughter was like, rather than what she was really like. This idealised, good girl who never wore too much makeup, didn't sneak out to meet boys, didn't dress inappropriately lol.

She was so... soccer mom's dream. That straight A student who's also in the school paper and a cheerleader AND does all the extra curriculars and studies every night then goes to share a malt with her boyfriend who she still hasn't kissed because she's such a good girl

Omg... it was basically Archie! lol.

Barbie is Betty Cooper! (cannot unsee this now)

Meanwhile Bratz were well... rebelling like real teens. They wore outfits their parents would be scandalized by, the talked about BOYS omg boys, they dated multiple different guys rather than having one forever high school sweetheart they'd eventually marry and live happily ever after with, they wore makeup and they were into cars and the mall and music and more boys!


Barbie was the american dream. Bratz were the reality.

And because of that I think kids really resonated with them. They were less wholesome, less "apple pie baking on a windowsill twee" than Barbie was and as a result, they did well.

my concern though, is that this was in the hedonistic 2000s, the era of platform shoes, pop groups and consumerism. A time when the economy was actually booming and people had expendable incomes. A time when culturally, this commercial "buy buy buy, stuff stuff stuff!" attitude was encouraged and celebrated.

Now? We're in a massive global recession and the world has gone to pot. Which raises the question, does a brand as stuck in early 2000s commercialism really have a place in 2018? Will kids be able to resonate with characters living such an unrealistic life?

The early 2000s was a hedonistic time, but the 2010s is a much more grounded, down to earth, let's make ends meet sort of time.

Even barbie's apple pie and sunshine isn't really doing it for kids.

Maybe that's why MH did well, because it was such COMPLETE escapism. I mean, there was no grounding at all in the real world. Perhaps that's why all the magical mystical monsters and fairies were successful? Because when the world is crap, you want to get away from it.

And you still see it in the toys being released this year. Oh they're sweeter, softer, more cuddly than previous years, but they're still all brightly coloured fantasy land critters.

Human dolls set in a real world setting just don't seem to be what the market wants right now.

the other problem is that Barbie has pushed the boat out and sort of done all that Bratz did now. At the time Bratz was unique for having an ethnically diverse cast in EVERY assortment, giving equal attention to their non blonde/blue eyed characters. They dressed in modern fashions real girls were wearing, or trying to convince their parents to allow them to wear (lol), they were into modern real stuff.

Barbie now has the diversity in every case too, in fact arguably more as they're shippng the dark skinned dolls in the assortments, not segregating them. Barbie also now has body diversity as well, and every doll is barbie, allowing for every girl to be barbie which is a good thing.

the only thing barbie really is missing is decent modern fashions. her outfits are still bland and uninteresting. Cheap and not really looking like the kind of thing any real world woman is wearing.

she's got the hairstyles, the body shapes, the skin tone diversity, but she needs to step up the FASHION element.

that's about the only place MGA can really stick the knife in. "we have better, more realistic fashions and playsets"

and that was one of their big selling points back at launch. Their playsets were far more realistic (not pink and sparkly) and they had period accurate and very detailed very well made clothing.

Old Bratz clothing is amazing, there's teeny working pockets and all sorts. It's absolutely astounding.

70s Barbie used to have clothing that realistic... and playsets that realistic.

But I still am not convinced the market wants or needs realism. Maybe when the economy improves, when people are less scared for their lives and wellbeing, but for the time being? I think we'll be seeing a lot more pure escapism for a few years yet.

But we do need to acknowledge the impact Bratz had on the industry. Nowadays ever new doll line follows their formula. "one blonde, one brunette, one black girl, one black haired girl"

And if not for Bratz, we wouldn't have gotten My Scene, Barbie wouldn't have upped her game, we wouldn't have Monster High and thus no EAH and as a result Hasbro wouldn't have done Equestria Girls and other companies wouldn't have jumped on the supernatural bandwagon with their dolls. Bratz showed up and turned the doll industry upside down, love em or hate em, they made their mark.

I'm just not convinced they'll ever see the heights of success they did back in 2001.

The economy is broken, and now Toys R Us is filing for bankruptcy. It's not looking so great for the toy industry in general, especially in the fashion doll market. Mattel obviously doesn't care about the quality of their dolls anymore now that EAH is pretty much over, and MH will be gone too (let's be honest, they've both been suffering in sales in the last couple of years). The future is just not looking good at this point.

Bratz certainly wore clothes and accessories that resembled what people actually wore in real life. But they also had that fantasy element with their cartoonish features (big lips, big feet, big head, etc.) and glamorous lifestyles. They did represent teenagers living in urban cities wearing the latest trendy outfits, but I think the main reason why they became so successful in the first place was because they appealed to a wider demographic in ways that Barbie never did. It wasn't just kids who were interested in Bratz, but grown teenagers and adults too.  

MGA made a huge mistake with the 2015 Bratz relaunch because they tried to appeal to kindergartners instead of appealing to everyone, and by doing that, they completely lost the edge and fierce attitude that was once held by Bratz. If they had just stayed true to the brand, they wouldn't be on hiatus right now planning for another relaunch next year.

That's why I think that despite everything, Bratz can really make it happen again, but only if they true to their inspiring "passion for fashion" essence while still being modern. We're living in the age of Ariana Grande and Kiley Jenner, their styles have made them into celebrity fashion icons that many teenagers like to emulate. If MGA touches on that a bit, then that wouldn't be such a bad place to start. It's certainly better than covering Bratz with a bunch of emojis and silly food prints. 

So I don't necessarily think that "escapism" is the answer here. Yes, MH and EAH were successful, but even at their highest, they still never reached the amount of popularity and success that Bratz had. Escapism can only go so far. Project Mc2, while grounded in reality and not quite as popular, is actually doing way better in sales than fantasy-based dolls.

Characters I want to see besides the original four girls are Meygan, Kumi, Phoebe, Roxy, Raya (preferably with a different hair color from Yazmin since they look so similar), Cameron, Dylan, Eithan, and Felicia.

Lines I want to see:

More Magic hair but where you can crimp and curl ALL of the hair and it actually stays in place. I mean if Barbie could do it then there's no excuse for Bratz.

A band themed line with glow in the dark clothing and accessories.

More DIY fashion dolls

A line based around video games

What I don't want to see:

Oversatuation with one time use characters or characters that get two dolls only. This was the first wave's biggest fault. They had way too many characters and around 85% were only seen once and hard to find in stores.

Sasha not being used in lines as much as the other three original girls. The last wave of new dolls hardly used her and it was very difficult to even find her aside from the Sleepover, Selfie, and hello dolls.

Cheap quality clothing and detailing. It's bad enough Barbie for the most part stopped being so good in the quality department and MH starting to do the same. We need at least ONE doll line to give collectors something to look forward to!

Using a redressed doll to come with playsets to go with a line that the playset doll already came in. This is a big issue with me. The Selfie Photo Booth Chloe was ridiculous when Raya wasn't even in the line and Chloe had two dolls with the only difference being clothing and the Spa Yazmin was exactly the same as the single doll except a different colored robe and top. It's uninspiring and MGA could have done better. And then Metalluc Madness had two Chloes while not bad in terms of quality and design, Meygan or Kumi could have been used as a single doll instead.


I never really saw modern Barbies as being so goody-goody. I mean, just look at what she was wearing as a Totally Hair girl, and look at what she wore in her 1985 Sun Gold Malibu incarnation.

Mothers have been complaining about her clothing for years! Of course, that may be because they've always wanted to see her as...."The Good Little Straight A Virgin Next Door". LOL! Deanie Loomis Barbie! 

<Disappears into a shadow>


The Whispering Wolf

I think there are some edgy Barbies currently out on shelves right now that aren't a collector's doll. Specifically the Fashionistas dolls. Some of the fashion packs have clothing that are also pretty cool looking and not in a princessy type look. The I Can Be line is kid friendly and usually have pink as part of the look but at least it's realistic. The Style dolls are the edgiest play line Barbies we have right now with some of their hairstyles and clothing choices. And at least Mattel is finally add diversity to the franchise again after about eight years of generic looking friends for Barbie such as Raquelle who is supposedly half Asian but look more like a white girl and no Asian features other than black hair or Nikki who half the time didn't even look black.Now if Mattel releases a new Becky doll or other type of handicapped friend I think Barbie sales would skyrocket.


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