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So I don't know if you guys have heard but MGAE said that the Bratz will make yet another comeback, but this time they will focus more on what the fans want. They are actually taking suggestions from fans all over the world on what they want to see. For me it's essential to have saran hair, bodies like the 2015-16 ones but a little less flimsy and more poseable (Like the Instapets line that barely hit the market before the line ended again), older face-ups (2001-2006ish). Smokey eyes, lip liner, eye liner, etc. Lots of makeup basically and the dare to stand out fashions we loved the Bratz for. I personally liked the bigger heads and shoes the reboot used. Made them different from other dolls. The more over-sized the better. lol 

Here's a list of the characters and lines/themes I want to see from them. Keep in mind I tried to narrow it down to 15 each so it didn't get out of control ;P


1)      Cloe "Angel"

2)      Yasmin "Pretty Princess"

3)      Sasha "Bunny Boo"

4)      Jade "Kool Kat"

5)      Meygan "Funky Fashion Monkey"

6)      Dana "Sugar Shoes"

7)      Fianna "Fragrance"

8)      Raya "Sun Rayz"

9)      Phoebe "Sugar"

10)   Roxxi "Spice"

11)   Nevra "Queen B"

12)   Katia "Flirty Turtle"

13)   Kumi "Lucky Bug"

14)   Felicia "Glam Gecko"

15)   Lilee "Cherry Blossom"



1)      1st Edition, Core, Hello My Name is (Basic Line)

2)      Formal Funk (Formal Dance Line) 

3)      Flashback Fever (Retro/Decades Line) 

4)      Girls Nite Out (Party/Night Out Line) 

5)      Tokyo-a-Go-Go, Study Abroad (World Travel Line) 

6)      Wild Life Safari, Adventure Girlz (Safari/Adventure Line) 

7)      Campfire, Wintertime Wonderland (Camping/Winter Line) 

8)      Live in Concert (Futuristic Music Line) 

9)      Play Sportz (Sports/Athletic Line) 

10)    Pretty 'n' Punk, Midnight Dance (Punk/Edgy Line) 

11)   Costume Party, Wild Wild West (Costume/Themed Line)

12)   Genie Magic (Arabian/Genie Line) 

13)   Princess, Masquerade Ball (Princess/Fairytale Line) 

14)   Sweet Dreamz, Slumber Party, Nighty-Nite (Sleep Attire Line) 

15)   Head Gamez (I don't know about you guys but this was one of my all time favorite lines. It was so fun swapping the heads out) 

What would you guys like to see from the Bratz this time around?

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Depends for me on how they look... I never gave original Bratz the time of day, but the reboot hooked me in. HOWEVER, i found all the hashtags and emoji stuff a bit cringy. But then considering they arn't marketed to me, it makes sense for the tweens with selfies and stuff being so prominent.

I know a lot of old fans didn't like Raya, but for me she was my favourite next to Sasha. Cloe is probably the worst because shes just Barbie in Bratz form.

So true. She needs a modern makeover. Like... give her white hair instead of generic blonde. Platinum is pretty and unusual. Give her streaks or dip dyed or unicorn hair! give her edgy interesting hairstyles to make her stand out.

She'd look so cool with like, those coloured sections hidden under white hair or something.

There's all these cool instagram hair trends, i'm sure they could embrace those right?

Raya's ridiculous shoes amused me. Bee shoes, hamburger shoes? COME ON! they're hilarious, how can you not love that madness?

I definitely preferred the broader eyebrows though. And was happy to see a return to unique fashion styles for each character. The shoes were kinda difficult to get on and off though. That was a bit of a flaw for me. Older bratz shoes just pop on and off easy but the reboot ones were often really difficult and took a lot of force to get them on, especially the brand new shoe packs ones. I don't like when I have to force something. For a start I feel like i'm gonna break the doll and secondly, how is a kid gonna do that?

I'm a grown adult and I struggled. Kids would just give up.

But I did like the reboot. I miss them. Mattel's sort of.. lording it over the toy aisle with their static bodied blandness and while a few fashionistas have been cool, generally, they're playing it was too safe to keep my interest and their customer service and contemptuous attitude has really put me off. Without a decent rival brand, there's no reason for me to go into the doll aisle and that's sad. Mattel needs to be knocked off their monopoly. They really do have a monopoly in the doll aisle and it leads only to stagnation and laziness.

Competition is good.

I wish Spinmaster would get back in the game too.

Yeah i had the same problem with the shoes. One of the pairs from the shoefie packs i ended up leaving in a little cup of boiled water for a minute or so and then they popped on ok, but whos gonna let their child do that without major supervision?


It's funny that you should talk about this news, because each time that I ever got any BRATZ dolls, I gave them away later, noting that I never actually liked them as much as I liked other dolls.

I liked the "now TALLER!" articulated dolls, but I gave them away, too, because I didn't like their hair, or their pop-on feet, etc. I loved the new faces, but, seriously, I'd love to see that same level of articulation....along with better hair, etc. 

<Disappears into a shadow>


The Whispering Wolf

I liked the taller ones too! the head to body proportion looked quite nice I felt. Though they had twig-like legs. More shapely legs but that taller body i would quite enjoy. Their clothing fitted other dolls too and they could steal some barbie stuff and star doll stuff which was awesome.

But their hair was a bit hit and miss. some of them had nice hair, some had horrible nylon frizz.

I thought I was alone in liking that version of Bratz lol. So many people seemed to hate them for being so different.

the 2016 reboot all had excellent hair though, and pretty solid facepaint. I've only seen one wonked up one and it was misplacement of the mask so it was slightly to one side too much rather than evenly in the middle of the face which is easy enough to do and very minor. I didn't even notice it till i was taking photos of her.


I'd love to see fully jointed dolls, especially if they're gonna go down the instagram/youtube route with encouraging stop motion vids and photo stories and stuff. Articulation is kinda a must have for that sort of play.

Heck, you know what would be fun? Packaging a deluxe one with a dvd/cd starter animation program for your tablet or computer. That'd be something new for fashion dolls right? And tapping into those videos they made "hey kids, love our web show? make you own with this program and upload it to the site!" or whatever. I mean they'd need to moderate stuff but sharing fan made content is hugely popular these days, I bet kids would lap that up. Incorporate the tablet with the doll.

My Totally Polished Fianna from the tall era is so gorgeous. The taller dolls were really nice but the fans hated the fact they weren't the Bratz that 'they knew'. But they were so nice! 

well it looks like it's officially confirmed. Isaac aka creator of bratz tweeted this today. hopefully it won't fall through. 


Why? This is my question. Bratz were a thing of the 2000s and died before the decade was even over. MGA needs to let go of Bratz. Unlike Barbie they don't know how to adapt to the times and stay relevant.

and notice how quickly the fans are in there bashing Barbie for no clear reason, she always gets dragged into things.


Enough of that, it's so 2005.

I dunno, on one hand it's nice to hear we'll have a rival back but on the other, Bratz do kinda feel like they're a little uh... redundant these days. Still, we'll see what they do with it.

If we get that pink haired felicia than all will be good.

It seems like some of these fans can't help but drag Barbie through the mud. Of course they dismiss Barbie as 'cute' rather than having the 'edginess' that they crave so much. I don't even think Bratz were that edgy in the first place - they were definitely different to the norm and controversial in parent's eyes, but 'boujee'? No. The fans did that.

None of them seem to appreciate what good she's actually done for the doll world - Barbie was one of the first, if not the first mainstream fashion doll based on an adult, and has inspired pretty much every doll line that's come after her. Barbie has provided young women with a role model, with the potential to do whatever she sets her mind to, and she's done it for nearly six decades, staying true to her brand but also moving with the times (whether that's fashion, ethnicity, career or size). Bratz made an impact too, and is also an undeniable influence, but without Barbie, Bratz would be nothing, and that's coming from someone who loves both Bratz and Barbie. 

I don't particularly agree or disagree about the Bratz being redundant. MGA has proved themselves to be able to get with the times - Project Mc2 on the doll side, but in particular LOL Surprise is a shining example that MGA isn't stupid. It's just the question of whether they can update such a huge brand to get with the times - that will be the main factor of whether Bratz can succeed, by beating Barbie at what she's best at, and that's keeping with the times and maintaining the ethos of the brand.

Oh no doubt Larian knows what he's doing so i'm cautiously optimistic.

I actually liked the last Bratz reboot so go figure.

me too the last reboot was awesome, sadly not everyone thought so. 


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