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So I don't know if you guys have heard but MGAE said that the Bratz will make yet another comeback, but this time they will focus more on what the fans want. They are actually taking suggestions from fans all over the world on what they want to see. For me it's essential to have saran hair, bodies like the 2015-16 ones but a little less flimsy and more poseable (Like the Instapets line that barely hit the market before the line ended again), older face-ups (2001-2006ish). Smokey eyes, lip liner, eye liner, etc. Lots of makeup basically and the dare to stand out fashions we loved the Bratz for. I personally liked the bigger heads and shoes the reboot used. Made them different from other dolls. The more over-sized the better. lol 

Here's a list of the characters and lines/themes I want to see from them. Keep in mind I tried to narrow it down to 15 each so it didn't get out of control ;P


1)      Cloe "Angel"

2)      Yasmin "Pretty Princess"

3)      Sasha "Bunny Boo"

4)      Jade "Kool Kat"

5)      Meygan "Funky Fashion Monkey"

6)      Dana "Sugar Shoes"

7)      Fianna "Fragrance"

8)      Raya "Sun Rayz"

9)      Phoebe "Sugar"

10)   Roxxi "Spice"

11)   Nevra "Queen B"

12)   Katia "Flirty Turtle"

13)   Kumi "Lucky Bug"

14)   Felicia "Glam Gecko"

15)   Lilee "Cherry Blossom"



1)      1st Edition, Core, Hello My Name is (Basic Line)

2)      Formal Funk (Formal Dance Line) 

3)      Flashback Fever (Retro/Decades Line) 

4)      Girls Nite Out (Party/Night Out Line) 

5)      Tokyo-a-Go-Go, Study Abroad (World Travel Line) 

6)      Wild Life Safari, Adventure Girlz (Safari/Adventure Line) 

7)      Campfire, Wintertime Wonderland (Camping/Winter Line) 

8)      Live in Concert (Futuristic Music Line) 

9)      Play Sportz (Sports/Athletic Line) 

10)    Pretty 'n' Punk, Midnight Dance (Punk/Edgy Line) 

11)   Costume Party, Wild Wild West (Costume/Themed Line)

12)   Genie Magic (Arabian/Genie Line) 

13)   Princess, Masquerade Ball (Princess/Fairytale Line) 

14)   Sweet Dreamz, Slumber Party, Nighty-Nite (Sleep Attire Line) 

15)   Head Gamez (I don't know about you guys but this was one of my all time favorite lines. It was so fun swapping the heads out) 

What would you guys like to see from the Bratz this time around?

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Will probably come back to this later, but I found this on Twitter:

Apparently Isaac Larian (head of MGA) has offered Hayden Williams to do a line of six dolls. I can picture these dolls being incredible.

Yes! I saw this! If he does Bratz will be a hit for sure

I'm not convinced bratz really work in today's climate of austerity and penny pinching. They were a great product in a time of plenty, a representative of this "gotta have" culture of the early 2000s but 2018? we're likely to still be in the midst of a global recession which makes marketing a line of dolls who's very name and look revolves around this ideal of excess just... doesn't resonate with customers. 

The kids who had original bratz aren't old enough to have their own kids yet, and they're not capturing new fans so easily because they're not bringing something new, exciting or resonant to the table.

and it's a shame because I did really like the reboot, they were well made dolls, but I think Bratz problems are more than product. they're such an icon of their time and unlike Barbie who's always been able to adapt and change with the times, i'm not sure Bratz CAN. their very NAME is so late 90s/early 2000s. Their platformed shoes and ott makeup, just.. all of it's kinda... not in vogue now.

I would love to see more though.

Felicia again, please. And the boyz. I miss the boyz.

I always loved their darker more alternative lines like pretty n punk, midnight dance, and so on.. and flashback fever which was so much fun.

But in terms of what might actually work with the current market? Mmm... give Cloe Unicorn hair? (that'd look awesome), make more of their individual characters?

They need to stand out, just having big heads and trendy clothes isn't gonna work now, Barbie caught up, MH came, other companies got in on the act. But i'm not sure HOW they can make them different enough while still being Bratz.

I feel like, maybe, it's time MGA left the franchise be and started from scratch with a new doll line, something purposely and intentionally created for the political and economic climate, for the culture NOW. (MC2 kinda did this already with teh "stem is cool to encourage for girls!" thing, but for whatever reason they haven't gained enough traction. Possibly STEM is only interesting to some girls and parents, not to the masses.)

Selling dolls in general seems to be really hard now. The money seems to be blind bags, cheap pocket money toys because nobody has any damn money.

Maybe they'd be better to wait till the economy recovers and spend their time working on some lower priced blind bags and small toys instead.

Damnit, now I really want a unicorn hair Cloe lol.

I agree. Ive sold almost all of my old Bratz dolls b/c Ive moved on. I think the they were a product of the time and that iconic noseless big head with puckered lips, big eyes, that's the iconic Bratz image, but it just isnt gonna work anymore in today's sjw culture.

I agree they should just focus on a new line, maybe one not focused on fashion and excess but more popular themes today like empowerment, culture, nature and knowledge. I personally wish someone would make a fun historical themed line.

MC2 are fantastic dolls but maybe they dont move as much b/c theyre much pricier than the cheaper doll lines like Fashionista Barbie, Disney Princess, etc. I do wish they were more popular.

I agree that it seems the blindbags as well as vinyl figures have taken over. They seem to be everywhere!


Isaac Larian (head of MGA) has tweeted several times about there being a future Bratz comeback.

Apparently one of the original designers is going to be back on board. 


I agree with pretty much all of the lines you mentioned, they are from a time when Bratz were at their best. 

but here is what I will add 

Boyz, Cameron, Eitan, Dylan, Cade, Koby, Bryce, others/one offs and newbies. 

Family lines/Twiins/Twiplets/mother daughter/other 

Secret Date/Mystery Date, this can really work today something I'd happy throw money at. 

Magic Hair. 

I really do hope they come back, they might not work well in this day and age but they will always be timeless to me no matter what, even if it's just buying old dolls and reminiscing. 

Okay, so I'll make a proper answer for this now.

There are so many things that I want to see with the new Bratz (if there are new Bratz).

  • Ethnic diversity. It was the big thing that Bratz did that Barbie didn't. Now, Barbie is the one leading the charge with their Fashionistas. If Bratz can keep up with Barbie by having not only ethnically diverse dolls, but on a more deluxe scale, it will be a huge success with collectors. And hopefully it might make MGA rethink separating Sasha from the rest of the line, considering she usually has the best dolls.
  • Getting the balance right with characters. Between 2010-2011, a ton of new characters were added that didn't really contribute to the line well. They brought back Meygan though, and she ended up becoming popular due to her legacy status (Dana also came back but never got another doll after that...she's still my all-time fave though). Between 2012-2013, zero new characters were added, but we got Fianna back. In 2015 we obviously had Raya's reintroduction and repurposing as the 'goofy' girl, but having her as part of the core five was a risk that people didn't really connect with. Then they brought back Meygan again, then Cameron and very briefly Kumi. MGA needs to try and balance maintaining the core four - Cloe, Yasmin, Sasha and Jade - and mixing it up with new and returning legacy characters. I'd personally love to see some of the newbies from 10/10/10, Style It, etc, make a return but bumped up to a higher quality. And obviously some of the classic girls need to come back - Felicia especially, but also Nevra who hasn't been in the line for a while. 
  • STYLE is what the Bratz were famous for, the fact that they had such a great range of styles and didn't just stick with what dolls were already out there. Style also leads nicely into QUALITY. If any doll line is going to save us from half-print minidresses, it's the Bratz. Mix-and-match outfits, gigantic shoes with painted details, fabric purses and tons of accessories are hard to come by these days. The reboot got parts of this right by having more mix and match outfits and accessories, plus having nice hair was a great bonus. Articulation might be a thought as well, but it's nowhere near as important for the Bratz as it is for Monster High. If the quality isn't there, people won't buy it. I agree with Monkfish when saying that by and large, the reboot dolls were of a really good quality. They all had saran hair, fun accessories (with colour variations), quite a few of them came with an extra outfit which never happens with most dolls. The articulation wasn't always perfect (the knee joints were great, but occasionally they were a bit too stiff) and my Study Abroad Sasha has stains from her outfit, but the quality was something that MGA mostly got right. It was just that people weren't as fond of the faces, the aesthetics of the lines themselves and they preferred the old style dolls. If they can blend the original style of Bratz with the quality from the reboot, hopefully the dolls will fare better.
  • Balancing listening to the general public and to the fans. Having Hayden Williams design a line is an amazing move as it shows that they are listening to what the fans want, but frankly MGA will never be able to only rely on the fans for support. They need the general public to buy the new Bratz in order for them to succeed. They need to appeal to mommies. That sounds pretty scary but they just have to, otherwise their boat will not float. I've said a lot about balance, but that's what MGA need to do - balance between satisfying the parents and pleasing the fans. 

It's going to take a lot to make the Bratz succeed again - I definitely agree that their success went with the era, and times have changed. In this climate it will be very difficult and I have my doubts to whether it will work out. But by all means, I will look forward to a Bratz comeback and hope for the best. 

I agree Sasha shipping in her own case has got to go, she needs to get in with the others, she's a main character why isn't she treated that way? 

I bet she misses being with her best friends poor girl. 

I would like to see Felcia actually get a doll made this time, they teased us with the pink fro one, it would have been awesome but maybe we could get some nice dolls, she's always got so little attention though and her older dolls were hard to find so I think she could equal shipping and a good feature in some lines like the other not so main characters. 

I don't think the webisodes really worked out that well and they weren't great to be honest, what I would like to see are movies again, maybe a TV series with full half hour episodes like before that was good but movies to start with, I say they go back to their roots, they probably won't be able to have the Burdeen character who was a parody of Barbie which is a big shame but if they could and get away with it that will be awesome, if not I would like to see another comedic villain even though it won't be the same and the tweevils too who were as equally as funny, and if they were to have them i would like to see them get dolls. 

updated Tweevils dolls would be so great. Felicia is a must for me. Hayden Williams is a must. Saran Hair is a must and the we dont give a F attitude is a must. I think they should make Meygan and Dana part of the main group and then have a few other minor characters who tag along and are part of quite a few lines like Felicia, Nevra, Fianna and Kumi. The Twins Phoebe and Roxxi would be great too. They are my all time favoritez

thing about the mommies, now... this is why I think original bratz did so well. They were rebellious, both kids who's parents disapproved (controversy sells, mga understand this) and parents who wanted to stick it to the boring ol' whining parents by getting their kids the controversial toy.

Mattel is still to this day terrified of controversy, the moment the prissy soccer moms start moaning they backpeddle, they're SO scared. I suppose in a way this is because Mattel answers to a board of directors who are almost all old men and a few dusty old women.

MGA answer to Isaac Larian and ONLY him. If he thinks it's cool, it's cool. And he loves controversy because it's exactly how he's made his fortune.

Which means, personally, I think Bratz best chance is not to skirt with the safe and trendy, not to pander to what the mommies want but actually look at what KIDS like. Mattel's big on appealing to the parents, to the general masses and they sort of have the market cornered there. In order to succeed MGA need to capture what they did back in 2001, be something Mattel is NOT.

Problem is, right now, is teen culture very rebellious? I dunno, i've not been a teen for like 20 years hahaha, and my kids aren't quite teenagers yet (though eldest does act like it sometimes bah) so i'm a bit out of that loop.

Because younger kids love to emulate what's cool with the older kids right? so if you capture whatever the "hot topic" and whatever is cool "with the teens", the kids will want it... hopefully.

Mattel does cutesy and honestly, pretty dang safe. The MH reboot is a prime example of their safe is good, avoid controversy attitude. And i think that's what damaged Bratz, they went too safe too.

It's Bratz! they're not supposed to be safe, they're supposed to push the boundaries and be controversial. that's why they sold so well!

But i'm still not totally sure the market is yet ready for another rebel line, the toy aisles are so... well.. safe and boring now. I'd love MGA to come shake things up a bit, but they have to do it when they feel they can do it and succeed. And I want MGA to succeed because while they've had some major missteps (10/10/10 was a mess) they do seem to listen to their target market and aren't scared to stick to their core principles. They don't shy away from controversy and I dig that.

Okay sometimes they're a bit too eager to jump on a bandwagon just to stick it to Mattel but hey, someone's gotta.

But maaan, toy aisles are boooooring now. We need something interesting back in the game. I'm just not sure the actual target market want that. Dolls in general seem to be hard to sell nowadays, everyone wants dang tablets and stuff they can make youtube videos with. (which is why blind bags are so popular)


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